The Boys Are Back in Town


Staff Report

   In the last eight months, have you jumped in your car to head to work and felt like there’s something missing? Well, times are changing, and if you tune your radio to Kool Hits 105.7, you might just find what you’re looking for.

   Some new, or not so new, voices will be broadcasting over your radios starting today as Kool Hits welcomes Woody and The Professor. The duo was originally with iHeart Media out of Huntington, West Virginia, but after a large corporate downsize at the beginning of the year, the morning show staples became a casualty of the cut.

   Following a lengthy hiatus, Woody and the Professor will hit the sound waves again today, September 8.

   Mark Wood, known in the radio world as Woody, a Marshall University graduate, has been in the radio business for nearly 30 years, and explained, “I’m very excited to work with local people serving the community.” He continued, “The entire staff of Kool Hits has been very welcoming and The Professor and I can’t wait to get to work.”

   The Professor, known to family and friends as Jon Brannon, is a West Virginia native that now lives in Ashland, said “I am thrilled to be back on the air with Woody for a locally owned station that puts its local community first. Live and local is where it’s at and that’s what Kool Hits is all about.”

   The radio hosts will join the likes of Kool Hits’ radio personalities Ernie G. Anderson, MJ McKay, Derek Levine and Dwayne Elliot. General Manager of the station, Jim Forrest, stated, “We are so happy to get these talented radio personalities to come to work for us and become part of the Kool Hits family. We are looking forward to their unique brand of humor and are pleased that they decided to call Kool Hits their new home.”