Church Supporting Community with Food Drive



Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   Christ Temple Church is hosting a Community Food Drive to help support local school children.

   “Let Ashland unite as a community and help support our kids,” said Chantelle Crockrel, the Pastor’s wife at Christ Temple Church.

   The food drive is in partnership with Ashland Family Resource and Ashland Youth Services Center to help support their weekend food bags. This program sends non-perishable food home with children over the weekend to help supplement what they are not receiving while school is not in session.

   “I know we have all been thinking about what we can do to help during these critical times, and here it is,” said Crockrel. “With going back to school we’ve seen many problems parents are facing. Time, technology, financial, etc. One of the most important is our children going without food. After feeling a call to action, Christ Temple has partnered with Ashland Family Resource and Ashland Youth Services Center to support their snack bag program.”

   “We send around 300 bags out district-wide every weekend,” said Brittany Brown, the Blazer Youth Service Coordinator. “Some are supplied by local churches and others through grants. The need is great and a food drive is always helpful. We feel so blessed that Chantelle is doing this for our students and families. Every time we think we may not have enough food, God provides.”

   Crockrel said that it would be wonderful to see the entire community lined around the block to donate to local children, and that she hopes other churches and local businesses participate by collecting food as well.

   “They can drop off or call the contact number to set up a time,” said Crockrel.

   The community food drive is being held through September 26 with drop off at Christ Temple Church, located at 2601 Lexington Avenue. Drop off times are Sunday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., or Wednesday 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. There are also “drive and drop” hours Saturday 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

   “You can drop food any time the church is open, and on Saturdays you can drive and drop,” said Crockrel. “A volunteer will be on the front lawn of the church and you can pull to the sidewalk on Lexington Avenue and drop it off.”

   The foods being requested are microwave meals, canned goods, instant meals, fruit cups, peanut butter, and small packages of crackers and cookies.

   “The total collection of food will be split between all Ashland schools, so this will benefit the entire district,” said Crockrel. “We are also taking monetary donations. The checks can be made out to Ashland FRYSC.”

   “What a blessing the food drive is,” said Karen Gearheart, AYSC Coordinator with Ashland Independent Schools. “So many people are reaching out to see how they can help students this year. It is heartwarming how the community is reaching out to help their neighbors.”

   Crockrel said that if you make a monetary donation you will be sent a tax donation letter.

   Crockrel is representing Christ Temple Church and can be contacted with questions regarding the food drive at 606.923.5761.

   “I have appreciated working with Brittany Brown and Karen Gearheart from the Ashland FRYSC on this project,” said Crockrel.