Frye and Troxler Opens in Historic Downtown Russell


Myrna Hill

The Ashland Beacon


   Frye Law Offices PSC is located in downtown Russell and has added Marie Troxler as a partner to the firm. The firm has two attorneys, Tracy Frye and Marie, along with six paralegals.

   Tracy Frye attended law school at the University of Kentucky School of Law, and has been a practicing attorney for over 20 years.

   Frye & Troxler Law specializes in domestic relations disputes and has been in operation since 2002. It is an all-female law firm, with Troxler being the first African American to be a law partner in the area.

   “I did not necessarily set out to have an all-female firm, but we do joke about it.” Frye said.

   The group moved into the historic First and People’s Bank building in downtown Russell, built in 1928. The building is located at 400 Ferry Street.

   “The grand opening was a great event. So many people in our community have wonderful memories of this building.” Frye said.

   Troxler has worked at Frye Law since January 2018. She grew up in Ashland and graduated from Paul G Blazer in 2011. She went to the University of Louisville for her undergraduate degree, and attended the University of Alabama Law School, graduating in 2.5 years.

   Troxler said she was conflicted on where she wanted to go upon graduating law school.

   “I would never recommend this to any law student, but I did not apply to any jobs leading up to graduation.” Troxler said. “It was one of those moments that I took my hands off of it and was going to let God decide my fate. One morning in Tuscaloosa I woke up to a text from Tracy saying she had gotten my number and asked if I was interested. Her firm was the perfect fit and it just seemed like that was God’s answer.”

   On working with Marie, Frye said that they enjoy practicing together and that she is a great attorney.

   Frye said it was Marie’s dedication to her profession, concern for clients, and strong sense of ethics that made her want to work alongside Marie.