Carver’s Hips Don’t Lie as She Goes Under the Knife


Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   I have had issues with my hips since I was a teenager. It started off with pain along with snapping and popping noises. It then escalated to the feeling of it giving out or dislocating. I’ve done my best to manage this for as long as I could, everything from physical therapy to injections, but in 2015 I had my first hip surgery after it “gave out” while I was carrying my newborn child. Since the surgery, I have continued to have problems with both hips.

   A few months ago, I decided to seek out treatment again, this time at King’s Daughters Medical Center with their Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department. The determination was made that I would once again require surgery, this time on both hips. We scheduled them one at a time, starting on my left side, as this side gives me the most trouble.

   I had my left hip operated on recently, and I cannot say enough about the fantastic treatment I received at KDMC.

   KDMC Orthopedics and Sports Medicine have always been incredibly thorough and answered any questions I have had, so I expected nothing less with the surgical team. The day of surgery I was incredibly nervous. I am not someone who likes needles, blood, and I am incredibly squeamish. I cannot stress that enough. I am squeamish. I was met with two great pre-op nurses, Lola and Debbie, who I had an absolute blast with.

   I was happy to hear that one of them had come from Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, and was hired on by KDMC when the hospital closed. KDMC has hired a plethora of former OLBH employees, a responsibility that wasn’t quite theirs, but that they took on and I feel that we should all applaud them for.

   Lola and Debbie’s back-and-forth jokes and conversations had me laughing and distracted from my nerves throughout the pre-op steps.

   One of those pre-op steps included an IV. This sounds like a simple step, but again, I am squeamish. I was accompanied that day by my younger sister, who is a KDMC Emergency Department RN, who looks at an IV like an everyday thing.

   The moment I was stuck with the needle and a tube was put in me I exclaimed to my sister…

   “SHE PUT A TUBE IN ME!” and I worked extremely hard not to vomit on the nurse. They all had a good laugh, and I had a good “please don’t throw up” pep talk in my head.

   But I had fun with them.

   Next, an anesthesiologist came in to do a nerve block in my leg with a massive needle, I was absolutely sure I was going to faint. One of the nurses came up to me to hold my hand and assured me I was doing great, and my sister assured me that my leg would not be amputated during the nerve block (I was still suspicious though… those needles… they can’t be trusted).

   In the end, after I was put under anesthesia, my leg was not amputated, the surgery was successful, and everything went smoothly.

   Dr. Chambers also did a wonderful job on my procedure, and the entire surgical team did great. I was also calmed by a fun pre-op assistant named Curtis, who said that he was also nervous about my procedure, but since he “Googled” it prior to my surgery he figured we could manage the surgery together.

   The entire team was incredible, and I cannot thank them enough for how informative they were, how thorough they were, and how jovial they were for a nervous and squeamish patient who needed a good laugh.

   I have been recovering at home for a few days now, and I will be on crutches and non-weight bearing for six weeks on my left hip. But I wanted to take the time to thank KDMC and the entire surgical team for their work.