Solving Murders One Episode at a Time: True Crime Podcast Produced in Ashland


Myrna Hill

The Ashland Beacon


   Solving cold case murders and other unsolved crimes has been a popular podcast topic over the last few years. The rising popularity of documentaries and podcasts about famous killers like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and unsolved murders has taken the internet by storm.

   Listening to others work through the details of these crimes inspired cousins Audra Thomas and Carly Thomas to not just listen to true crime podcasts, but create one of their own. “What a Crime to be Alive” is produced right here in Ashland.

   Audra is a marketing coordinator at an engineering firm in Lexington, KY. Carly works at a local law firm, and is a wife and mother to a one-year-old boy.

   “We both figured it would be easy to get started, so we went for it.” Audra said.

   Ideas began flowing between Audra and Carly because of COVID. Audra said she wanted to start a podcast for years, but was discouraged after potential co-hosts and guests dropped out, in addition to dealing with faulty equipment.

   There is definitely a steep learning curve to learning audio editing, but Audra was able to teach herself via Google. Carly purchased two microphones, and the rest is history.

   Carly is a new mom, wife, and recent college graduate. She realized she did not have a hobby or something she enjoyed when she needed time to herself.

   “I wanted to start a true crime podcast, but I’m more of a nosy researcher,” Carly said. “I listen to podcasts like Crime Junkie and Cold Case Files, but I am not of much use when it comes to setting up the technology. It was easier because we talk 24/7, so it was super easy to throw together and has been a lot of fun.”

   Another pastime of Carly’s is frequently checking Jail Tracker websites and listening to police scanners, in addition to enjoying true crime podcasts.

   The podcast is centers around talking through the storyline of murder victims and discussing what Carly and Audra believe happened, along with the motivation for the crime. There are also moments of comedic relief, something necessary when discussing such morbid topics.

   “We know there are a lot of true crime podcasts out there, but we want to put our own spin on it.” Audra said in Episode 0 of What a Crime to Be Alive.

   Audra also said she wants to feature hate crimes and bring a social justice aspect to the podcast.

   What a Crime to be Alive is available via soundcloud and is present on Facebook and Twitter. New episodes will be released every Thursday.