Cyrus Gives Life to Eskalure - From Lashes to Fashion, Brand is Ready to Bring Out Your Beautiful


Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   Tammy Cyrus is the CEO and Founder of Eskalure, a local Kentucky brand and e-commerce business that sells eyelashes and T-shirts.

   Cyrus said that she has worked hard to put her brand together, but it was not until 2020 that she finally launched her business.

   “I launched my business in July of 2020, but I started researching and putting together my business plan about a year and eight months ago,” said Cyrus. “I’ve been working really hard for a minute.”

   Cyrus said that she knew she wanted to do something outside the typical “nine to five day job” and knew that whatever business she did, it would be inclusive to all people, regardless of gender, race, or sexuality.

   “I’ve always been fascinated with bringing people together and being creative,” said Cyrus. “I love inclusivity, I love marketing, I love creating something of your own. I knew whatever I did I wanted it to be 100 percent original.”

   Cyrus has gained a large following on her e-commerce business online and on social media, and Eskalure is something completely original, with T-shirt designs known for being unique, beautiful, and outspoken, a lot like Cyrus herself.

   “I wanted to create Eskalure to be a brand, something original, and something inclusive,” said Cyrus. “I wanted to create something that regardless of your sexual orientation, your race, you could shop here. I sell T-shirts to men; I sell lashes to men. All my customers are different, and I love that.”

   Cyrus put a lot of research into Eskalure. The name of the brand itself is a name that Cyrus created, as she wanted a new word that was totally unique and represented something new and original.

   “It’s not something like ‘Beauty by Tammy’, it is Eskalure,” said Cyrus. “I created this word from scratch, because this is a brand.”

   Cyrus said that when she launched her brand, she also made sure it was accurately represented on the website and social media, so when she had her brand's first photo shoot she had women from all races involved.

   “I wanted people to see this brand and be able to identify with it,” said Cyrus.

   Cyrus said that despite being just a few months into her business launch she is already expanding.

   “I started with just four pairs of lashes, and now I am about to drop two new styles of lashes,” said Cyrus. “I have five T-shirts, and I’m about to launch seven.”

   Starting your own business can involve a lot of emotions, and there is no guarantee on how it will turn out, but Cyrus has been pleasantly surprised with how far Eskalure has come since July.

   “It has done so well,” said Cyrus. “I was so scared. When you put your name on something and create something you hold it to a high standard. It has been so successful and so educational, and I have made so many new friends. Most of my customers are people I have never known, and it has been so incredible. There is so much support. I am so proud of it.”

   Cyrus said that there has been a lot of learning involved the past two months. “I think the biggest learning experience has been that you really have to cater to people,” said Cyrus. “You really have to hear people out.”

   Cyrus said, for example, she had a T-shirt design that she absolutely loved, but after launching she received a lot of mixed feedback on the color of the design. After hearing that she realized she had to be open minded and respond to her customers.

   Cyrus said that the biggest lesson of all she learned is about standing up for what she believes in. Cyrus is someone who stands true to her beliefs and values and won’t stay silent just because she is a business owner. She said because of this, there has been an impact on her business, but it isn’t the impact you would think.

   “I’ve also learned to stand up for what I believe in,” said Cyrus. “A lot of my customers have come just because I stand up for what I believe in. I am someone who speaks out against things. I used to think speaking about politics is dangerous as a business owner, and I think people stay quiet because of that, but I think that with Eskalure it has grown because I am a good person because I’ve spoken out against these things.”

   Cyrus said at first speaking up on certain political views and hot topics while being a CEO, she was afraid, but she is not anymore.

   “I was scared that people I’ve known my whole life weren’t going to support me, but honestly it has been insanely positive, people have shown so much love and support,” said Cyrus. “Show love to other people and good things will follow you.”

   Cyrus said that looking ahead the next few years she does not have a specific end result, but she does know that she wants to see expansion.

   “I do think that far ahead all the time, but I honestly just want growth,” said Cyrus. “I want to see girls, and boys, and people everywhere in Eskalure. I want it to be a brand and I want it to have growth. I want it to be the next Nike. I want it to be a brand that everyone gravitates towards and be inclusive and fun.”

   Cyrus said that one of her largest long-term goals is to grow large enough to be able to impact other young women hoping to start their own businesses. “I want to help other women open their own businesses,” said Cyrus. “I think it is so important to work for yourself.”

   Cyrus said that being able to work outside the normal “nine to five” and think outside the box is important. She wants to encourage creativity in young women and teach them to pursue their dreams.

   “Change the world for everyone else, but also change it for yourself,” said Cyrus. “My end goal is to ultimately teach young women how to do this.”

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