Small Church Hopes Big Screen Will Have a Huge Impact!


Staff Report

   When someone mentions Faith Baptist Church in Westwood, it doesn’t usually evoke a conversation about movies, and it’s not too often that a Pastor would invite his congregation to miss a service to go to the movies. Faith Pastor Gary Newman is not only asking his congregation to skip to go see ‘Play the Flute’ at the KYOVA 10 theater the week of October 23-29, but he’s asking everyone’s congregation.

   “It all started with the renovation of the fellowship hall, which had been water damaged several years ago,” Newman shared, adding, “the chairs in there were damaged and I thought it would be a great idea to get everyone working together to fundraise to buy new chairs.”

   Fundraising ideas ranged everywhere from gospel sings, to bake sales, to a yard sale, but a movie night was the one that excited the cinema-loving pastor the most. “My family was invited to come to a movie sponsored by a church in Ohio, and it was to see a movie I’d never heard of, and part of the proceeds was going to benefit their church,” Newman said. “That got me thinking, so we reached out to the filmmaker, and after we saw the film, I knew that more than making money on this film, I wanted to share it with everyone!”

   The film, ‘Play the Flute’ by Rich Christiano hasn’t been mass released or available to stream, but has toured churches and been shown to groups who helped promote it. This limited release, however, is perfect timing because movie-goers have less selection than normal and this film is family friendly, date-night appropriate, and shares a message that will stir and increase faith in a time where we’ve never needed it more. The film stars Brett Varvel and has an amazing young cast including Kennedy Tucker, Ken Ivy, Kylie Brown, & Sean Ormond. There are also some very familiar faces in the film, including Clint Howard, Fred Grandy (Gopher on Love Boat) and Loretta Swit (from MASH).

   “Ultimately, if we never even buy a single chair, but people have been moved more toward God through this film, I believe we’ll have shown great stewardship with the gifts that God has given us,” Newman said, “but God has never failed us, even when we’ve failed Him and through this film, we just have to go to the movies, and listen to what is said: God moves in our small church and, we expect, through the big screen!”

   The movie will be on the regular lineup at the KYOVA 10 theater in the Kyova Mall from October 23 -29, and should demand require it, longer.