New Healthcare Bringing Back Old Traditions


Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon


   Advanced Primary Care just opened up their second Ashland location at The Edge on the top of the hill behind Hobby Lobby. Doctor Lori McCoy will be providing “modern medicine, the old-fashioned way.”

   The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place last Wednesday, October 21, and the practice is now open and accepting new memberships. Tim Gibbs, President and CEO of Ashland Alliance, said that he had first been approached by Advanced Primary Care a couple of years ago. “They were bringing something different to market to make certain that healthcare was accessible and affordable for all,” Gibbs said. Gibbs remarked that the ladies from Advanced Primary Care had created a “beautiful facility” and welcomed Dr. McCoy and her staff.

   Before cutting the ribbon to announce the official opening of the new practice, Dr. McCoy expressed her “gratitude” for all of the people and businesses that have helped Advanced Primary Care continue on their successful journey. She also thanked the local hospitals that “partner with us for our common goal of helping patients in the tri-state.”

   Founder, Dr. Lori McCoy, co-founder and Office Manager Alona Gilliam, and Medical Assistant Teresa Boggs staff the new medical practice. Dr. McCoy refers to the practice as a “direct primary care practice.” They do not accept insurance as payment. She says that “our practice is a membership model-like Netflix.”

   Patients have “all kinds of awesome benefits” with their membership according to Dr. McCoy. Memberships include unlimited visits including telehealth visits, all routine labs, and they have 24/7 access to their physician through text message. An annual physical is also included in the memberships as well as physicals for school, college, sports. Patients can even get a DOT physical as part of their membership. The office can also dispense generic medications with the exception of those medications deemed by law to be controlled.

   Dr. McCoy said that “most of our patients do have insurance. They just don’t need it in our office.” The practice has also set up “wholesale costs at a couple of our local hospitals for low cost imaging prices.”

   Alona Gilliam said that “we work for the patient. Whatever is best for the patient, that’s what we do.
If it’s cheaper for them to pay for imaging or something else in our office and they’ve not met their deductible, then they pay us and get the imaging done at the hospital of their choice.” Gilliam said that “we work with them” and if they can get their medications cheaper somewhere outside of the office, then we will send it to the pharmacy of their choice or send imaging orders to the hospital if they have met their deductible. Gilliam shared that “we’re here for the patient and they have all access 24/7 to a physician.”

   Memberships are based on age and start at $25 for children up to the age of 17. Membership for seniors over the age of 65 is $75 and that cost never goes up-even if the patient wants to see their doctor every day.

   Dr. McCoy continues the “modern medicine, the old-fashioned way” by making house calls. There aren’t actually any special circumstances to get a house call but Dr. McCoy says that “we typically reserve it for the elderly” or those with disabilities that may prevent them from easily getting to their doctor’s office.

   Gilliam said that “we are trying to bring medicine back to what it once was-where you’re actually working for the patient and not the insurance companies.” She said that “it’s our goal to always do what is best for the patient.” The new Advanced Primary Care location can be reached at 606.831.6168 or on their website at