Small Business Shoutout: Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures


Myrna Hill

The Ashland Beacon

   Looking for a relaxing escape into nature that will dissipate the stresses of everyday life? Look no further than Greenup County! Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures is the perfect mini vacation for nature lovers and is just a stone’s throw away.

   Dragonfly opened in 2014 and is family owned and operated. Myra and Sandy Mosser set out to create an affordable, family-friendly setting for community members to partake in healthy and fun outdoor activities. The Mossers are also dedicated to educating others on environmental sustainability and river cleanup efforts.

   Myra and Sandy retired from the healthcare field and have dedicated their retirement to Dragonfly.

   “They both juggled their career and the business the first few years.” Kristen Matthews, daughter of Myra and Sandy, said. “I sometimes think they work harder at growing and expanding Dragonfly than they did their previous jobs.”

   The property features two pagoda-style lofted cabins on the bank of the Little Sandy River. The cabins can be rented through Airbnb, and there is a kayak rental business on the property. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they offered group kayaking events year-round. Kayak season is open from May-October.

   Upon their third year of business, Dragonfly continued to expand their offerings by introducing yoga and their famous food truck, Dragonfly Outdoor Café. The yoga studio is operated by Kristen Matthews, who is a RYT200 certified yoga instructor. Classes include traditional and aerial yoga, as well as yoga retreats and group opportunities. The indoor yoga studio opened in January of this year.

   “The studio created an opportunity to teach while being surrounded with the abundance of nature the location has.” Matthews said.

   As we delve into the fall and winter seasons, Dragonfly will be offering Private Aerial Yoga Parties, which will follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

   According to Kristen, the most common question regarding aerial yoga is the existence of a weight limit. Matthews says there is no weight limit on aerial yoga, and states Dragonfly is a business which promotes body positivity and encourages everyone to listen to and move their body in a welcoming environment.

   Dragonfly Outdoor Café is locally renowned for their delectable meals that come mostly from locally sourced, organic ingredients. Customer favorites include the Fried Green Tomato BLT, Wild Caught Cod Fish Tacos with Bourbon Cabbage Slaw, and the Caprese Sandwich.

   The food truck travels throughout the tri-state area and was named the #1 Food Truck by the Ironton Tribune.

   Just when you thought Dragonfly could not get any better, they have more tricks up their sleeve! In 2019, Kristen’s husband Justin began offering free fly-fishing classes for kids to promote healthy habits and exercise.

   Fly fishing differs from traditional methods due to the use of specialized casting technique, requiring great skill. Matthews is a certified fly-fishing instructor and has plans to introduce adult classes in the future.

   To stay updated on the food truck location, purchase of gift cards, yoga bookings, and all things Dragonfly, Matthews recommends following Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures on Facebook or visiting