Cash in on a Cool Contest - Piggy Bank Design Contest Now Open


Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon


   The UK Extension Office in Catlettsburg has partnered with Kentucky Farmer’s Bank to join in the 2021 Piggy Bank Design Contest. The local contest will be part of a statewide design contest to encourage the youth of Kentucky to “creatively celebrate Kentucky Saves Week” in February.

   It has been several years since the local UK Extension office has participated in the contest but Susan Grimmett, the SNAP-Ed Director at the office, said that they want to “encourage children to save money.” The contest will also give children a chance to participate in something locally, but in a COVID-safe way.

   Children can design a piggy bank in whatever way they like as long as it is no bigger than 12 inches by 12 inches, or one square foot, and it must have a slot of some kind to put coins in.

   Becky Stahler, the 4-H Director at the UK Extension Office in Catlettsburg, said that children “can be as creative as they like.” In the past, they have had piggy banks made out of milk cartons, two-liter bottles, and Clorox jugs. Children are allowed to decorate a store-bought piggy bank but Stahler explained that “it’s supposed to be an original” so the child would have to “personally decorate it.” Stahler also says that the bank “does not have to be in the shape of a pig.” It can be whatever animal the child would like.

   The contest is open to any child from kindergarten through 12th grade that is in homeschool, in-person school, or virtual school. Students who live outside of Boyd County but attend school in either Boyd County or Ashland Independent school system are also eligible to enter a piggy bank into the contest. Stahler said that students who have a parent that lives in the district that they stay with part-time are also welcome to submit an entry, even if they go to school outside the district.

   Kentucky Farmers Bank is helping to promote the contest. They are going to offer incentives for the first few students to bring in a decorated piggy bank.

   Local entries will be judged by volunteers. The extension office staff is allowed to send two entries from Boyd County up to the district level. If a local entry wins the district, then it will be entered into the state.

   Winning entries will be displayed at the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort during the month of February 2021. Kentucky Saves Week is February 22 through February 27, 2021. The contest is considered a “creative way for youth to learn the importance of saving money and reducing debt.” Each winning entry will also display the winner’s name, grade, and county along with their decorated piggy bank. Winners will also get a certificate.

   Entries must be dropped off at the local UK Extension office located at 2420 Center Street in Catlettsburg. The contest began November 16 and the deadline for entries is December 4. Each bank must be accompanied by an entry form that can be picked up at the extension office.

   Additional information and a set of the contest rules can also be picked up at the extension office. For questions about the contest, please call the UK extension office at 606.739.5184.