Let Pollock’s Help You Sparkle Through the Season


Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   Pollock’s Jewelers, located at 913 Winchester Avenue, is a locally owned and operated fine jewelry store that has served the community since 1874.

   Clayton Hill, the Vice President of Pollock’s Jewelers, said that the store has been managed by three generations of his family, and that their goal has always been to offer the absolute finest quality jewelry at the very best price, while providing professional service with a personal touch.

   The store’s current location was built in 2003, but prior to that the business was in the Camayo Arcade for 42 years.

   “I was able to talk my grandfather into building a new store,” said Hill. “It’s been a great move and I’m glad we did it.”

   Hill was born in Pennsylvania and moved back to the community when he was 12. Once Hill was settled in Ashland, he immediately went to work for the family business. “Right away I folded boxes,” said Hill. “The bridal registries were huge. I folded boxes. I stocked shelves. I washed windows. At 16, I started delivering packages for weddings and things like that.”

   Hill said that something many people do not realize about Pollock’s Jewelers, is that there is something in everyone’s budget, and that they carry more than just jewelry products. “Our number one thing with Pollocks over the years, is trying to let everyone know that we have something for everybody,” said Hill.

   One of the most popular items at Pollock’s Jewelers currently is the Kendra Scott collection.

   “We have tried to expand and have something for everyone,” said Hill. “It isn’t just jewelry; we have products from $10 on up. Pandora is huge. Kendra Scott is probably the number one fashion jewelry line across the nation right now. We have Julie Vos, which is really making a big impact across the nation right now.

   With Pollock’s Jewelers long time standing within the community and sterling reputation, they can source specialty jewelry products that most people would have to travel to a larger city to find.

   Outside of jewelry, Pollock’s Jewelers also carry other fine gifts, perfect for the holidays. “We carry Waterford Crystal,” said Hill. “My grandfather carried it for probably 60 years. I have packed a lot of it over the years. It makes a beautiful gift for Christmas time.”

   Hill said that there is one gift that he looks forward to seeing people come in to buy around the holidays. “We do a lot of engagement rings around Christmas time,” said Hill. “I can get just about any diamond you want, and I can get it within 24 to 48 hours.”

   Pollock’s Jewelers will be participating in Small Business Saturday and encourages the community to come out and shop local. The store’s Small Business Saturday hours are 9:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

   In addition, the business is offering curbside service and local deliveries to ensure the health and safety of all their customers.

   “I think that shopping local is huge,” said Hill. “If you love Ashland like we love Ashland and you want to continue to live here in a place that offers you a variety of things, and things that you can get in a large city or online, it’s vital that we support each other, in every aspect, from a travel agent from a small clothing boutique.”

   Hill said that there is not enough to be said about supporting local businesses. “You have to support our community,” said Hill. “You hear on the radio all the time, if you just spend $100 more a year on local businesses what that does, but I don’t know that people really take the time to grasp the gravity and the weight of what that can do. We have been blessed by our customers. And in turn we can donate locally, and we love doing that. Our customers make that possible. It is a cyclical thing. Support local businesses and they’ll give back to the community where you raise your families.”

   Pollock’s Jewelers will be offering $25 off of $99, $50 off of $200, and $100 off of $300. The store can be contacted at 606.324.3197 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Shop online at shop.pollocksjewelers.com.

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