Saluting Our Heroes - Road Department Workers


Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   After days of winter storms, and many areas filled with ice and snow, there have been a group of people working diligently to ensure that the roads of Boyd County and Ashland stay clear and safe for residents needing to travel for work, supplies, and warming stations.

   The Greater Ashland Beacon’s Hero of the Week belongs to our local road departments, who have worked tirelessly to clear paths and fight a seemingly endless battle against these winter storms.

   Boyd County Judge Executive Eric Chaney also recognized his county workers who have worked hard.

   “Our crews have been hitting it day and night,” said Chaney. 

   Chaney said that the current conditions have left an astronomical amount of people without power, approximately 70 percent of the population in Boyd County, but he knows that the dedicated crews are working as hard as possible to restore it.

   “Just know, the Boyd County road department, AEP, emergency services, everybody, is working as hard as they can to restore life to normal,” said Chaney. “Please know we are here to help.”

   The City of Ashland also recognized their dedicated workers, who despite long hours and rotating shifts to clear the roads, still managed to hang up the American flags downtown to honor Presidents Day.

   “When I started seeing posts from people sharing videos of trees cracking and breaking from the ice storm this week, my stomach sank. I knew our city was going to be facing a huge cleanup effort. One department I didn’t have to worry about was our streets department,” said City of Ashland Mayor Matt Perkins. “They are always geared up ready to go for any winter weather we are facing. Once I got out the next morning, I was shocked that the devastation was worse than I had even imagined. What floored me though was that most of our main streets had been scraped and salted. It wasn’t the road conditions that were a main barrier for travel it was the downed trees. That didn’t stop our streets department, they stepped up big but also other departments from the city too! We had engineers and parks employees all getting out and working 16-hour shifts clearing down trees that weren’t impacted by power lines. Our city employees have shined during, literally, the darkest of days and I’m so proud to have them on our team. I even had a citizen tell me that his son lives in Lexington and said when he came to check on his dad that our roads were in much better shape. We may not be the biggest city in the commonwealth, but we have the best city employees.”

   KYTC Highway District Nine kept the community updated via social media with consistent updates on the clearing of highways and major roads. 

   “After seven plus days in plows, crews are still getting it done,” said a spokesperson. 

   The Greater Ashland Beacon would also like to recognize the streets departments and roadway workers not mentioned above and thank you for your hard work and dedication to our communities.