Area Devastated by Ice Storms Repairs and Cleanup Continue


Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   After two destructive ice storms swept through the community, more than 59,000 homes were left without electric. Kentucky Power has been working diligently to address the power outages, but as of Monday, nearly 10,500 customers remained without power. 

   “Crews are working as quickly as they can to get everyone restored,” said Cynthia G. Wiseman, a spokesperson with Kentucky Power.

   After another storm hit Wednesday evening, Kentucky Power stated power outages would likely ensue. Four to seven inches of wet snow accumulated within the area.

   Several local counties numbers as of Monday are:

Boyd—3,600 customers

Carter—2,100 customers

Greenup—200 customers

Johnson—280 customers



Magoffin—185 customers

Perry—1,000 customers

Rowan- 200 customers


   As Kentucky Power worked their hardest to restore power, many area businesses showed their support to those without power, and the hard workers attempting to restore it.

   Las Lalis, a restaurant located in Russell, said on Thursday that they would offer a pan of rice and chips and salsa for free to those without power. 

   El Colonial Mexican Restaurant said that they appreciated all the hard work AEP workers are doing to help the community, so as their thank you they’d be offering a free lunch to AEP workers on duty Thursday. 

   The Ashland Area YMCA was one of thousands that were impacted by power loss, but as soon as their power was restored, they made an offer for those without power to come to the YMCA to shower and warm up. 

   The Mill Café and Bakery in Ashland said that their doors were open to those in need, with WiFi, charging stations and coffee available to those without power. 

   There were countless stories of individuals and elected officials within the community doing their best to assist people in need.

   Eric Chaney, the Boyd County Judge Executive, updated his constituents on Wednesday. 

   “Right now, we have about 800 trees down within county lines,” said Chaney. “Our crews have been hitting it day and night trying to get this taken care of.”

   Chaney said their main focus is to clear paths for people trapped so they could leave and get supplies.

   “National Guard has been deployed in Boyd County,” said Chaney. “We currently have two Humvee crews here.”

   The crews were working to get people stranded to the Boyd County Convention Center, which is being used as a warming center. The center is offering a place for people to stay, as well as a place to warm up, charge phones, and drink warm coffee.

   “We currently have 50 families staying there,” said Chaney.

   Chaney said that 70 percent of the Boyd County population is without power.

   “Please know that the Boyd County road department, AEP, and emergency services is working as hard as they can,” said Chaney.