Egging Their Way to Africa



Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon

   The youth group at New Life Fellowship Church has a mission trip planned to Uganda, Africa this summer and they are raising funds to get there. Their upcoming fundraiser, “Get Egged,” will have them traveling all over the tri-state area “egging” people’s yards for Easter.

  As part of the mission trip, the youth are planning on taking shoes, candy, and the word of God to villages in Uganda. They are going to start from the school that has already been built by “Amy for Africa” and visit outlying villages from there. During the three to four days that they are there, they also plan to feed the villagers “some of the best meals they’ve ever had” according to Chuck Williams who is heading up this particular fundraiser. Most of the foods that the villagers eat are plant-based and the youth group is hoping to introduce them to tacos as well as a few other types of meals that they wouldn’t normally have living in Uganda.

   The members of the youth group have spent their last meetings stuffing more than 6,000 eggs in preparation for the “Get Egged” fundraiser that will take place on both April 3 and April 4. Williams shared that the youth group planned for both days out of consideration for parents that split time with their children and may have their children on Saturday morning as opposed to the morning of Easter Sunday.

   The youth group has already raised $77,000 of the $100,000 that they will need to take their planned mission trip to Uganda. They have received generous funds from individuals and businesses all over the tri-state and even outside the area, with one church in Arkansas making a very generous donation to their cause. Most of the costs for the trip are due to the money needed to transport the shoes and other supplies from the United States to Africa. They will have to buy the food to feed the villagers after arriving in Africa.

   To have your yard “egged” for Easter, call Chuck Williams at 606.232.0049. The pricing is 24 eggs for $25, 48 eggs for $40, and 72 eggs for $60. The eggs are filled with a variety of candy. The candy-filled eggs have not been separated according to type so unfortunately, the group will not be able to accommodate requests for any particular type of candy. The deadline to order is March 31.