Jobe’s Radiator: Son Bringing Back a Local Business



Tiffany Jobe, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   Fifteen years ago, I became part of the Jobe clan and was introduced to what I call the “World of Wheels.”

   If something has wheels, my husband, Casey, can fix it. If it doesn’t have wheels, he can fix it. Basically, if it exists, he can fix it. But his specialty is cars, most importantly, radiators. 

   Casey grew up in his family’s shop on Greenup Avenue, Jobe’s Ashland Radiator and Body Shop. He would spend countless hours soaking up knowledge from his papaw, Denver, and his dad, Clarence. By the age of 8, he was helping his dad on a regular basis to fix radiators.  

   Clarence was Radiator King. He was well known to many and if he couldn’t fix it, it wasn’t worth fixing. He spent his life perfecting his niche and taught Casey’s mom, Kathy (also known as Granny Sam to our kids) just about everything he knew. He was one of the only people in this area to service radiators on not just personal vehicles, but commercial and industrial as well. Several years ago, Clarence got sick and Kathy essentially ran the radiator shop. Sadly, he passed in December, and we thought that was the end of the family business as well. 

   Casey has dreamed of owning his own shop since I have known him. He is constantly tinkering; fixing plenty of cars over the years for friends and family. Starting your own business is expensive, and not knowing what your steady income will be is terrifying, especially when you have mouths to feed and bills to pay. Since this is the type of business that you can’t just do anywhere, finding a garage to meet the requirements of running a radiator business is something we had given up on. Location is everything you know. 

   Divine intervention is a wonderful thing. We were driving along Greenup Avenue a few weeks ago and both of us, at the same time, noticed the old Wolhoy garage was empty. We have both grown up here and very familiar with the property, we hadn’t given it much thought even though we drive by it probably 20 times a week. All of the sudden, our outlook on what we thought was going to be a dream out of our reach, changed. 

   The timing was perfect; so many things in our personal lives had recently changed and we knew that opening the radiator shop was now meant to be. 

   So now we are small business owners and this week, we will embark on a journey that is meant to be ours and officially open the doors of Jobe’s Radiator at 2239 Greenup Avenue. 

   We are so excited to own a business and serve our community. You can reach Casey at 606.465.5196 or find Jobe’s Radiator on Facebook. His talents are not just limited to radiators so keep us in mind for all your auto needs! 

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