Missy’s Ongoing Battle: Local Fighter Proves to Inspire Others



Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon


   Missy Steele Jordan is a lifelong resident of Ashland, Kentucky. Jordan and her husband, Rusty, have been married 40 years. She is a mother of two girls, Holly and Emily, and a grandmother to Ivy. Jordan is also known for the 36 years she has worked at King’s Daughters Medical Center in the business office. 

   After her yearly mammogram in December of 2015, 54-year-old Jordan was diagnosed with a metastatic stage four breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer spreads throughout the body at this stage and generally spreads to the bones, lungs, liver or brain. Jordan has been fiercely independent and attended all of her treatments solo, with the exception of her first oncology appointment. Her husband Rusty, who works at Steen Funeral Homes, went with her to her first oncology appointment. “I haven’t wasted any time dwelling on this disease,” said Jordan. She’s determined to live her life fully, in spite of her diagnosis. 

   Jordan frequently attended a cancer support group at the South Ashland United Methodist Church, where she is a member. Jordan mentioned it was a small group and sadly four members of the group had passed away. Once COVID hit and the pandemic began, group meetings were no longer an option. 

   Jordan wants to create a cancer support group of her own, one that supports those fighting the terrifying disease. Jordan specified that the support group would be for anyone fighting cancer, it doesn’t specifically have to be solely for breast cancer support. She’s spoken with Bethany Genty, a registered Nurse at King's Daughter Medical Center, about options as Genty oversees the breast cancer support group for the hospital. Jordan mentioned she had also met other acquaintances that suffer from metastatic cancer via Facebook. 

   Jordan’s faith has brought her significant comfort in facing these difficult tribulations. “Faith over fear, as I have been blessed with supportive family and friends,” said Jordan. She offered advice for those battling this cruel disease, “Live your life to the fullest, we only get to do this once,” said Jordan. 

   Jordan’s social media profile features a cancer ribbon and a picture of eight women together, while one holds up a sign reading, “1 in 8.” This picture is a significant reminder that one-in-eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women? While breast cancer usually occurs in women over 45, it can occur in younger women. This picture brings a visual representation of the one-in-eight statistic to light and serves to raise awareness to others. KDMC will be introducing this picture to the public soon for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

   Jordan is a breast cancer warrior, but what is so inspiring is that her motivation to pursue happiness is poignant. Jordan’s family and friends continue to support her during her arduous battle with cancer, and her faith has given her peace and the strength to keep going at a time that so many people would give up. She continues to connect with others facing metastatic breast cancer and raise awareness in her community.