The Jewel Art Gallery Coming Soon



Sasha Bush

The Ashland Beacon

   Ashland, Kentucky is home to so many talented artist and creative individuals. So, it’s no surprise that this small town continues to make big waves in the world of supporting local artist. Local artist Elias Reynolds, who is known around town for his amazing murals, and his wife, Bri Reynolds, have big plans for this small town. Recently the Reynolds couple launched a new business venture that is going to have a major impact on Ashland Kentucky, local artist from all over and those seeking a unique experience when visiting this ever-growing area that we call home. 

   Elias and Bri Reynolds have a vision that is starting to come to life on 323 15th Street, Ashland. The Jewel Art Gallery is set to make its big debut in the upcoming months. So just what is The Jewel Art Gallery? Bri Reynolds was so kind as to take an interview with me recently and this was her reply, “The Jewel Art Gallery for local artist which will make up around 80-85 percent of the gallery as well as featuring about 20-25 percent of out town artist.” Reynolds said that there will also be a heavy component of sales within this gallery that she feels is not typical of most other art gallery environments.

   “What I want to bring that I feel like is different than a typical art gallery is the marketing advertising element to the gallery space. In addition to that is exclusive to us that is defiantly not standard for art galleries is that we are going to have a portfolio that categorizes each artist within their medium or mediums. So, for example my husband Elias Reynolds is muralist and acrylic art painter, so he would be listed in the acrylic category as well as the muralist category. 

   So, if a business wanted a piece made for their office or something like that, they can look through the portfolio and be able to pick out a person who’s style they like. Often, I think people don’t know what style they like until they actually physically see it and then they will be able to commission the artist through the art gallery. So pretty much I want to be able to offer profitability for artist and not just sell what they have on hand but also give them the opportunity to get commissions if they want. My husband and I both have a really strong belief system that we can have thriving artist here in Ashland Kentucky and we don’t give in to the starving artist mentality. We want to see people be successful. My husband has seen success right here in Ashland, so we know that it is possible.” Said Bri Reynolds.

   You can expect to find a little bit of everything at the Jewel Art Gallery. There is literally something for everyone. The Jewel Art Gallery will not just feature fine art works such as watercolors, acrylics and other mediums but you will also be surprised to find many other unique and creative items such as wood works, native American bead work, mosaic tile pieces and so much more. Bri Reynolds said, “Someone recently asked me if it was going to be a fine art gallery and my answer was no in my head, I think of it more as an eclectic boutique style gallery.” So, with a name like the Jewel Art Gallery, I had to ask just how they come up with the name. “The Jewel Art Gallery was named after our third daughter, Irena Jewel. Her name means precious thing and what is more precious than art?” said co-owner Bri Reynolds. 

   The Jewel Art Gallery is not your average art gallery. In fact, it isn’t just an art gallery at all. The top floor of the art gallery will actually be a new Airbnb to the area and with that the Reynolds hope will bring in more tourism with its uniquely designed rooms and impeccable art laid throughout and really get people talking positively about the Ashland area and what it has to offer. “We have a heart for community. We have a heart for seeing people be successful within their passion. We want artist to be able to pursue what they are passionate about.  We would really like for the public to know just how needed artist are in this area. Not even just needed but how desired that they are. There is a need for art, there is a want and a desire for it. And we want to help the public connect to those artists that can provide those needs.”