South Ashland Adds Butcher Block



Jimmy Olsen

Ashland Beacon 


    2020 kicked off a new decade and two men named Scott (Wamsley and Ball) decided to make their dream a reality with a 29th Street development purchased in September 2019. Starting at Atkins Hardware store and comprising a full city block, this new development is being rebranded to be called So. Ash.  

   So Ash, or South Ashland aims to honor Ashland’s roots, revitalize eastern Kentucky’s agriculture, build partners, and create a place to bring our community together.  “We’re really excited to bring some fantastic local businesses to our properties” said Ball. “We want this location to be a gathering place where anyone in Ashland can spend a whole evening out in one location, and that starts with our meat market.” The Scott’s have what seems as an unwavering commitment to South Ashland as well as true family and community values. “The pandemic has taught us so much and we want to be able to sustain our community and to not have to worry and stress about supply chains. South Ashland is where it all started for us and we want to bring you back to show you how special So Ash truly is.”

   The Scott’s newest addition, the Butcher Block --which is currently under construction, will to be a multi-faceted shop. Featuring local farm-to-table items such as milk, eggs, fish, and meat locally supplied by AW Meat House. (AW Meat House, the USDA inspected meat processing facility and public market is housed in a state-of-the-art facility bordering the East Park Industrial Park.) Along with wonderful, traditional deli items and sandwiches there will be other pantry items offered. –No in-house butchering will be offered at this time. The Butcher Block will bring more jobs to the area.

   Other shops located at the 29th Street location include Bella Boutique, Local Mercantile, Alumni Tavern, Tomcat Bourbon & Brewhouse, and many more are on the way.  The Butcher Block will be the perfect addition. “Our goal within the next five years is to add a coffee and donut shop and ice-cream parlor; I believe that will really complete the area and the rebrand to So. Ash, “said co-owner Scott Ball.

   This new market, The Butcher Block, is expected to open between late summer or early fall 2022. Until then come by 29th Street and check out the great shops already up and running in this up and coming district.  A place where you can come to several different venues with different themes. You, too, can enjoy So Ash.