Bombshells and Ales Now Open in Ashland



Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

   Christy Bare, and her husband, Billy Bare, have worked hard the last several months to bring their newest restaurant, Bombshells and Ales, to Ashland.

   Bombshells and Ales, located at 739 Carter Avenue, has replaced the former Wild Horses Cantina and Grill. Bare said her husband and her purchased the location on March 1.

   “We were friends with the owner, she approached us about the business being for sale and we knew that we wanted to come to Ashland,” said Bare. “Since the opportunity came up, we went ahead and took it. It had staff, we kept the staff on, and a fully working kitchen.”

   Bare said bringing a restaurant to Ashland is something the couple has wanted to do for quite some time.

   “We are both from Ashland,” said Bare. “I worked in the ER for 19 years, Billy retired from the police department in Ashland after 22 years. All our people who support us are from Ashland, we wanted to be here.”

   Bombshells and Ales will be one of two restaurants owned by the Bares’. The couple also own Bombshells, Burgers, and BBQ, located at 2134 5th Street in Huntington inside of Bare Arms In-door Gun Range, said Bare.

   “It’s going to be a very similar menu to Bombshells, Burgers, and BBQ, with the exception of we have added alcohol to this location,” said Bare.

   Bare said that the menu has also completely changed. “We smoke all of our meats in house every single night,” said Bare. “We have brisket, we have ribs, smoked chicken, and pulled pork. We base everything around those smoked meats. We have bomb-whiches, which are our specialty.”

   Bare said the restaurant also features pizzas, burgers, salads, and so much more.

   The restaurant will have a soft opening on July 1, and a grand opening on July 4. The restaurant will open each day at 11 a.m., however, Bare said the closing hours are still tentative. Bare said the Fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to come try a brand new restaurant in Ashland.

   “We have really great food, and a great atmosphere,” said Bare. “We serve alcohol, but it’s also a family-oriented atmosphere.”

   Bombshells and Ales has removed all of the previous décor and replaced it with their own theme.

   “The restaurant was in perfect working order, but we wanted to put our theme in it,” said Bare. “We brought in our military, American, World-War II themed décor. We feature a lot of local veterans on the walls.”

   Bare said one of those local veterans include a Wurtland Metal-of-Honor recipient, Ernie West, who served in the Korean War.

   “It’s important for people to know we have these veterans, these metal of honor recipients right here in Wurtland,” said Bare.

   Bare said the focus on veterans and local history is something important to the business.

   “We also have a room dedicated to Armco, and the history of Armco and everything they did during WWII,” said Bare. “They used that steel mill for making planes.”

   Along with Bombshells and Ales, the Bares’ also own Bare Arms Indoor Gun Range in Ashland, Bare Arms Indoor Gun Range in Huntington, WV, that hosts a location of Bombshells, Burgers, and BBQ, Bare Arms Custom Holsters, three mall locations, as well as a t-shirt printing business.

   Bare said that they also bought the old CR Thomas building in Ashland and have future plans to develop that location.

   To learn more about Bombshells and Ales, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..