When One Day Becomes Every Day




Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   Have you ever used the expression “one day”?

   One day… it will not be like this.

   One day… I will be enough.

   One day… I will feel secure.

   One day… I will be safe.

   One day… I will be happy.

   I have had a lot of “one days.”

   My first “one days” started at a young age. I used to whisper it to myself to cope with different forms of trauma I endured… “one day… it is going to be okay.”

   The “one days” did not end at childhood… unfortunately they continued throughout my teenage years and adult life… until it seemed my life was in a permanent cycle of “endure this, and hope for the one day.”

   I have stopped enduring now. I have stopped dreaming of my “one day.”

   Because I found him two years ago today.

   He walked into my life, and completely changed every image I had of the world, of my surroundings, and most of all, the way I viewed myself.

   Where I used to feel insecure, I now am wrapped in a blanket of security.

   Where I used to feel hopeless, I am now filled with hope and constantly look forward to the next day.

   Where I used to feel empty and broken, I am now whole.

   Jesse Stout, you are my “one day.” You are every dream I ever had, every tomorrow I ever wished for, and every goal I have ever set. You are the result of every prayer I have ever had for my “one day.”

   Today, we celebrate two years together. The greatest two years of my life.

   Happy Anniversary, Jesse.