Kentucky Literacy Grant Awarded to Greenup Schools



Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   Greenup County Schools were recently awarded the Kentucky Comprehensive Literacy Grant, which will provide a total funding amount of $1.1 million over the next four years. The grant focuses primarily on providing literacy resources and literacy professional development to all teachers’ district wide.

   “It’s a federal level grant that is passed down through the state,” said Sarah Kelsey, Instructional Coordinator at Greenup County Schools. “We started working on it in February and were awarded in May. The grant focuses on literacy from birth all the way through grade 12.”

   “The literacy grant will add much needed funding to expand our efforts to have children reading on or above grade level,” said Greenup County Schools Superintendent Traysea Moresea.

   The district-wide initiative will be led by newly-hired Kelsey, who will be responsible for coordinating the Kentucky Comprehensive Literacy Grant. Kelsey was hired on to lead the program in July, but worked previously for the district as a third-grade teacher before leaving to work for Morehead State University.

   “The expertise and energy Ms. Kelsey brings to our district curriculum and instruction initiatives will have a very positive impact for both teachers and students,” said Moresea.

   “This is the first time we have been awarded this particular grant,” said Kelsey.

   Students birth through 12th grade will be serviced in the program, utilizing evidence-based resources. Sixteen percent of the funding will be applied toward early learning, 42 percent will be applied toward funding for elementary-aged students, and 42 percent funding will be applied toward funding for middle and high school students.

   “We have partnered with different organizations in our community, including the Greenup County Hands through the Health Department,” said Kelsey. “This will be critical to reaching the birth through age three. We’ve also partnered with the library and local day cares.”

   The early learning portion of the program will include 150 children ages birth to five, who will be signed up for the Imagination Library. This includes read-aloud libraries and ready for kindergarten kits for family involvement.

   The elementary portion of the program will include diagnostic reading assessments, guided reading resources, and dyslexia informed instruction.

   The middle to high school portion of the program will include diagnostic reading assessments, resources for RTI-leveled literacy interventions, and literacy in the content areas.

   Kelsey said the areas of focus were chosen after the district launched a self-assessment led by the teachers and staff.

   “We brought in teachers and principals from every school, and we all came together and did a self-assessment to identify our areas of weakness,” said Kelsey. “This helped us realize we want to focus on diagnostic reading assessments. We want to help our readers.”

   Kelsey said that the program will include all schools and all classrooms.

   “Since it’s comprehensive, all teachers will be participating in literacy development over the course of the next four years,” said Kelsey.

   Kelsey said that the program will also allow the district to purchase additional books for classroom libraries.

   “Here at Greenup County we are working hard every day to do what is best for our kids,” said Kelsey. “This grant is a huge undertaking, but we are proud to be able to provide these resources to our teachers and students.”