Greenup County Return to School Plan Announced


Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   Greenup County Schools recently detailed their return-to-school plans for the 2020-2021 school year, which include the two options of traditional classroom setting on campus and virtual schooling.

   “Our school focus groups are working hard to plan the best options for our Musketeers,” said Superintendent Traysea Moresea. “We will release specifics about how a typical school day will look for an elementary, middle, or high school student.”

   The traditional classroom option will entail students returning to their campus with advanced safety measures in place. Students in grades first through 12th grade will be expected to wear face coverings when social distancing is not an option. GCSD will provide washable gaiters for all staff and students.

   Face coverings will be required on the bus, in the hallways, and in classrooms where students cannot be socially distanced.

   Temperature checks will be conducted for each student and staff member prior to entering their school, and students will be asked about possible symptoms of COVID-19. Hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing time will be allotted.

   Each school will be staffed by a full-time nurse and a quarantine area will be provided for students displaying symptoms of illness.

   GCSD said all high-touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the school day and deep cleaning and additional sanitizing will take place each evening.

   Transportation will be provided by the school district, with additional safety regulations. Students will be loaded back to front and unloaded front to back and seats will be assigned for each route. Siblings will be seated together, and buses will be sanitized after each run.

   Grab and go breakfast will be provided each morning and each school will follow a social-distancing lunch process.

   The secondary option for students will be a Virtual Learning Track. Students learn entirely through the virtual platforms and internet access is required.

   Open enrollment for admission and orientation is July 27 through August 7.

   Students are required to maintain adequate login-in minutes and attend virtual classroom settings, demonstrate proficiency on assessments, maintain regularly scheduled communication with the GCVLT personnel, submit assignments and take exams on schedule, attend remediation sessions when academic expectations are not met, and comply with on-site testing requirements for the district and state testing such as the annual KY testing and the ACT.

   “We are also organizing a Virtual Academy Orientation for you to review as you decide on enrolling in that option,” said Moresea. “The orientation will highlight the requirements of the virtual option and how it is very different from NTI that will be used if schools are closed at various times for the pandemic or inclement weather. As parents ourselves, we are giving tremendous thought and consideration to each aspect of our return to school plan. Our goal is to be transparent and informative.”

   There is a placement change grace period from traditional vs. virtual from August 16 to September 5. After this, students will be required to remain in the GCVLT for the semester, which ends in December. This allows the district to effectively allocate the number of staff needed to support GCVLT and traditional learners.

   All virtual learners are assigned a virtual teacher. Students may access support programs and participate in most extracurricular activities.

   Elementary Students will utilize the online platforms of Nearpod, Exact Path Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, and other online platforms designated by the facilitator.

   Middle and High School Students will utilize the online platforms Edmentum (PLATO Courseware), Exact Path Reading and Math, and other online platforms designated by the facilitator.

   IEP’s and 504 plans will be implemented by qualified personnel. Students enrolled in the GCVLT will have access to the school counselor, mental health provider, school nurse, and Family Resource/Youth Service Center.

   Students are still eligible for food services through pick up if they utilize the virtual learning option.

   Those with additional questions are directed to Aaron Collier, Director of Pupil Personnel, at 606.473.9819.

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