Updates Happening at the McConnell House

Morgan Hall The Ashland Beacon If you were wondering about the commotion at the McConnell house, we have an inside source. And we have an update for you regarding the McConnell Wash House. Bud Matheny shared updates via social media regarding the progress, "The Wash House, I believe, is pretty well finished. We are delighted with the help of our Facebook friends who donated most of the items." Matheny explained what's next for the McConnell house updates, "Now we're gathering information, writing specs and getting bids on painting all of the outside of the house. The mortar that was mixed in 1833, has to be protected or it turns to sand. So the house will be pressure washed and repainted along with all the woodwork, porches and shutters." Fall is almost here, the turning leaves bring much activity. "This month gets busy towards the end of the month. On September 21, we will have the big tent set up and move the tables and chairs to the tent, with the help of Imel's Greenhouse, we will do the fall decorations with pumpkins, mums, hay bales and fodder shocks," added Matney. Matheny continued to explain the progression of activities, "On Thursday evening we will partner with the Ashland Alliance and hold a business after hours reception for Alliance members.Friday morning it really gets busy. We partner with the extension office next door on Ag day and share our facilities for them to use to set up educational displays in agriculture and livestock. About 400 fourth graders from the county are bussed in for this event. And, of course, a tour of the house is part of that. Then in the afternoon we will be delighted to have FIVCO hold their annual meeting in the big tent. Saturday morning begins the croquet tournament. We will have 40 teams playing on eight courts for the coveted Heritage trophy. Lunch is provided with assistance from the homemakers. At the end of play we will hold an awards banquet to celebrate another successful year. As always we will be involving local students in assisting us as officials, board operators and players." That’s a jam-packed September that will be a great way to welcome autumn to Greenup County folks. October will be equally as exciting, "In October we will be back at it again. We are in the planning stages for a living history event. We will have educational exhibits reflecting life in the 1800s, which is the era of the house. We again hope that students will be bussed in on October 14 and it will be open on October 15 for everyone," said Matheny. The most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is just around the corner. "The McConnell house will be transformed into a Christmas Wonderland for our Christmas Teas and our Christmas open house. Our board members rally to the cause and will be decorating at least four Christmas trees and have lights, garland and decorations on everything that doesn't move. Santa Claus has become a big attraction and will be there for our open house. We have a drawing and will award a $50 gift certificate to some lucky kid to help with their Christmas wishes," shared Matheny. If you would like to be a part of this cherished history icon, let them know, by contacting Bud Matheny. "We are always looking for volunteers, as well as board members. Also during our living history event, we hope to use local drama students to assume the role of past residents of the house to tell about their time living there," concluded Matheny. The historic McConnell House continues to shine and be a beacon for all those in Greenup County to gather together in fellowship.

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