Purpose Driven: Villers’ Divineplan Now Available

Deidra Bowling-Meade The Ashland Beacon Do you have a purpose? Are you making a difference? Why am I here? Our country has been battling the effects of Covid-19 these last two years, and it seems that most people have shut themselves off from society. Their drive is less, and they are complacent with life. That’s not the case with Ashland native, Christian Villers. The pandemic inspired Villers to achieve success with his first published book titled Divineplan, as well as develop a clothing line and website. Villers shared his testimony stating: “A pivotal moment for me took place at the start of the pandemic. It was during this time that God opened my eyes and helped to see what this life is really about. Initially, I felt Him calling me to use my creative abilities for His glory, and to do so through an apparel brand. This brand (also called Divineplan) was built during the early months of the Covid lockdown and launched in June of 2020. At first, I thought that Divineplan was only going to be a clothing brand. I really had no plans to write a book, but it was early in this process where I began to see that God had way more in store.” Villers continued, “Through Divineplan and the reach that the company had on social media, I was given the opportunity to connect with people all across the globe. These people would message me about things they struggled with, and I would use these messages as an opportunity to share with them the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Afterwards, these individuals let me know how much my writing helped them. They would tell me how the messages encouraged them to follow God’s purpose for their life. It was during this time that I felt God calling me to write. Writing is something that I have always enjoyed, but through these interactions, He showed me that this is something He has called me to do. Around this time, I began the process for this book. After 15 months of a ton of prayer, reading, and work, by His grace alone, the book was published this summer. What I hope to achieve through Divineplan, is pray that others are inspired to live a life of eternal significance. In a world that encourages people to pursue temporal desires, I pray they understand that true fulfillment is found in Christ alone and that everything they have, they have been given to glorify His name. If just one person comes to know Jesus through the company or book, then all that has gone into this was worth it.” On September 6, the study guide for Villers’ book will be available for purchase. Villers said, “The study guide is filled with thought-provoking questions and would make an excellent addition for any youth or adult group looking for something inspirational to use. Through both the book and study guide, readers will come to understand that there is something much greater to be pursuing. They will be inspired to make the most of their short time on earth by doing so for the glory of Jesus Christ.” Both the book and study guide will encourage others to find their purpose in life. We all have a purpose; it’s important to realize that God has a purpose and plan for each of us. Amazon reviews on Divineplan have been positive. Sam Whatley, author of Meek Like a War Horse, was “astounded” after reading it due to “the author’s understanding of Christan principles and his age. Christian Villers is 23.” Whately continues, “This book can be read by not-yet-believers seeking truth in the chaos or by veterans of years of Bible study who still want to go deeper. In my opinion, this presentation of the Gospel rivals anything I have read or heard from Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. R.C. Spourl or any other pastor or theologian.” Villers didn’t publish a book or start a clothing line for fame or money. Villers lives each day to fulfill what the Bible teaches us in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Villers travels around the area to share his testimony with others. He has also set up his book at local events and conferences. Villers humbly proclaimed, “Everything good in my life is because of Him, and He is deserving of all the glory that my life can bring to Him. I would also like to thank my family. Words can’t describe how blessed I am to have them in my life. Thank you as well to the Ashland community. Your support means the world!” If you are looking for encouragement and finding purpose, make sure to follow Christian Villers on social media and learn more at his website: mydivineplan.com. You can also contact Christian Villars at his email: mydivineplan@gmail.com. Divineplan can be purchased on Amazon.com or locally at Broadway Books (Located at 1537 Winchester Ave). The study guide will be available starting September 6.

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