London Bridge Has Fallen: Remembering Queen Elizabeth

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   The world mourned this past week, as Queen Elizabeth left this world a better place, for being a part of it. When her Uncle abdicated the throne, she became heir to the crown, at the age of ten years old. Can you imagine being an heir to a kingdom at ten years old? Later when her Father passed, Queen Elizabeth took the crown at the age of 25. The Queen was surrounded by people that guided her and helped her evolve into one of the most prolific leaders in History or should we say Her-story.

   Over the years, the Queen acquired great admiration from the American people. The Empire State building in New York city lit up in colors of purple and silver to remember the Queen. President Joe Biden ordered all flags be at half mast, honoring her Majesty’s passing. 

   Kentucky's unbridled spirit centers around the Kentucky Derby and the beauty of our majestic horses. Queen Elizabeth loved horses. Her horse, a six year old gelding named West Newton won his race two days following her death at the Pimlico Race Course. Queen Elizabeth bred this horse for racing. Her love for the sport even brought her to the Bluegrass state in October of 1984 to celebrate a race given in her honor, The Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup at Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington. Her latest visit to the Kentucky Derby was in 2007, to visit Churchill Downs in Louisville. 

   Many Americans are in awe of the life of this 96 year old lady. Many American seniors contribute their ripe old age to exercise, diet or hobbies. The Queen was quite fond of "jam penny" which is combination of strawberry jam and butter. She's eaten jam penny daily since she was five years old, as it goes great with afternoon tea. Paddington Bear would certainly be proud! 

   Why do we as a democracy mourn the leader of a monarchy? Because like our British counterparts, her Majesty is all that we have ever known regarding Great Britain's leadership. While we do not share in how our government is constructed. We can certainly share the sentiment for this country across the pond. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reining British Monarch in History. She offered stability in times of both social and political change. She saw six Pope's and 14 US Presidents in her time. 

   Many of us are limited regarding our knowledge of British Parliament, many of us may have became familiar with Queen Elizabeth II by watching the popular television show, The Crown. This show depicts the late Queen Elizabeth II and the life that molded her into a significant woman of dignity and honor.

   I have a personal connection to England, as my Grandmother Hilda Barnes was from Manchester and because of the Blitz Bombings had been evacuated to the country. She lived with a Mr Morgan. After the war, he came to America and she came with him.

   She was a loyal Brit who became an American citizen yet never forgot her homeland. Like others, her loyalty to the Crown and to the Queen never wavered.

   If fact, her gravestone with my Grandfather has an American flag and a British flag. Great Britain held a very special place in her heart, as it does in my own. Many folks ideally wonder if she was there for the Queens welcoming party in Heaven, and if they sat for a spot of tea together. 

   In closing, I would like to share a past quote from the late Queen, that she shared with her people that is both poignant and fitting. " It is not my desire to live or reign longer than my life and reign shall be for your good. And though you have had, and may have, many mightier and wiser princes sitting in this seat, yet you never had, nor shall have, any that will love you better," Queen Elizabeth II.

   Monday September 19 will be considered a National Day of Mourning, the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II will take place at West Minister Abbey. 

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