Archery Range Coming to Armco Park

Archery Range Coming to Armco Park

Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon


   On Thursday, September 29, the Boyd County Parks and Recreation Director Christian Lee, invited me to Armco Park; as they had a big reveal for the public. Earlier within the week, the Parks and Recreation page posted hints via social media such as a bullseye target. They did confirm bigfoot doesn't reside there, sorry folks.  A few people guessed what might be coming to Armco in the Spring of 2023. 

   I arrived at the park and was taken by ATV to a non-disclosed location deep into the park, I was overjoyed they didn't expect me to walk. Once we arrived on location Boyd Parks and Recreation Director Christian Lee revealed a large brown sign with white writing that said, "Armco Park Archery Trail."  Justin Mulvaney, Parks Employee, and Trail Designer elaborated, "We're going to open a brand new fifteen target archery range, for everybody and anybody that wants to come out and try their hand at 3D target archery." This big reveal has over 5K views at the moment, we appreciate everyone checking out the reveal video. 

   We know everyone wants to know all the details regarding this free archery range. The possibilities are endless for local youth in both cub girl scouts, boy scouts, and local public schools' archery teams. I was assured the archery path and the hiking trails will not intersect, so do not worry about overlap or stray fire from bows.

   "Fifteen lanes will span approximately 1/2 mile. It is separated from the walking trail. The course will be open to the public in the spring, after a grand opening ceremony. It will be free to the community including schools and organizations to use. Additionally, the Ray Allen memorial bench and bird feeder will be revealed on Tuesday, Oct 4 at 11 a.m. honoring his time as patron of the park for many years.  Location of the bench will be at the top of the left side turn, as you enter the park's first small shelter on the left before shelter one," shared Lee. 

   Boyd County Parks and Recreation are just full of surprises. In the Spring of 2023, I imagine that the new archery trail will have a beaten path in no time. As many folks shared the reveal video, with about one hundred Facebook shares, in a matter of a couple of days. 

   Next up the Boyd County Parks and Recreation Department will be presenting another Tri-State Exotic Pet Expo within a couple of weeks. "Welcome and thank you for coming out. People are excited and so are we…we are thrilled to have the Tri-State Exotic Animal Expo return for a two-day show on October 15 and 16. Once again, they will be located at the Boyd Convention and Arts Center. Doors open at 9 a.m. and admission is $5. Kids 12 and under are free. This is a Halloween expo so kids get ready, the vendors will have candy, and costumes are welcomed! We want to thank Tri-state Exotic Animal Expo for bringing this back again this fall," added Angella Lee with Boyd Convention and Arts Center. 

   In conclusion, we hope to see you at the Tri-State Exotic Pet Expo. They will have all kinds of creepy crawlies available for purchase. Don't worry you can get everything you need, to take care of your new pet while you are there. They often have supplies, caging for habitats, and food for your exotic pets. 

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