Sam's Hot Dogs Opens Ashland Location

Sam's Hot Dogs Opens Ashland Location

Sam's Hot Dogs Opens Ashland Location 

Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon

     Michael Ferguson, President of Ferguson Holdings Inc, operates the Sam's Hot Dog Stand in Ashland, Kentucky. He shared that the previous location was in Kenova, West Virginia, but the company that owned the building wanted to expand their business and didn't renew our lease. So we found the spot in Ashland and decided it would be a great place for us and the Ashland community.

      "I bought my first Sam's location in March of 2013, with the purchase of our Westmoreland location. The Ashland location is located at 3510 Winchester Avenue, across from the Toyota dealership.

     It took us much longer to open than anticipated due to plumbing issues.  Because our spot had never been a restaurant before, complications were never-ending, explained Ferguson. 

       Sam's Hotdogs endured some hot water and now they're ready to plate. "We are just happy to be finally opened after the long delay, so a grand opening is something we probably won't do, at least we don't have plans to have one as of now," continued Ferguson. The hot dogs are ready to go, pick some up for an easy family dinner. Take a break from cooking tonight. 

      Did you know you can get other things besides hotdogs there? They will have some hot dishes to serve up, especially once the weather gets cooler. "We will be adding a few items like Mac & Cheese and some soups for the winter, but we stick to a pretty consistent menu. And we will be doing some specials for our customers, so that they can either come to the store or check out our Facebook page to find those specials," elaborated Ferguson. 

     The Beacon asked Ferguson to explain why he feels Sam's Hotdogs are superior, "I believe our all beef hotdogs, steamed bun, and spicy sauce separate us from other hotdog places.  Most places steam their buns, but most use a pork and beef mix in their dogs and very few have more than one sauce." What do you think are the most requested hot dog toppings?  "The most common hot dog combination is either sauce, mustard, onions or sauce, mustard, onions, and slaw.  Although we have found adding cheese to the dogs seems to be a big hit with the Ashland customers. I like my hotdogs with mustard, onions, cheese, and spicy sauce," replied Ferguson. 

      If you are a hot dog fan, you're probably familiar with the infamous ketchup debate. Does ketchup belong on a hot dog? "We get the ketchup debate a lot! Some customers believe that ketchup does not belong on hot dogs, because it's already in the sauce. I don't put it on mine, but it's every person's choice what goes on their hot dog. If they're happy, I'm happy," exclaimed Ferguson. 

     Are you hungry yet? I know I am. Stop by the Sam's Hot Dogs Ashland location and grab one of the best doggone hot dogs  around.They won't even judge you, if you put ketchup on your hot dog.

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