BSA Troop 1100 Serving Their Community

BSA Troop 1100 Serving Their Community

Morgan Hall

The Ashland Beacon


     Boy Scout Troop 1100 will be attending the annual Veterans Day dinner at the Ashland Elks Lodge at 1:00 p.m on November 6. The young men will be on-site to help hold the front doors at entry and assist in serving soft drinks and coffee to the veterans.

    Attending this event has been a time-honored tradition for these boys, as some of them have been serving at this veterans dinner since they were in first grade and now they are in middle school and high school. So you may see some familiar faces. The little boy that had two missing front teeth, that held the door for you a few years ago…may be all grown up and serving you hot coffee now. 

     These boys will have an early start that morning, because they will be handing out bags in a local neighborhood for their scouting for food program. The following week they will pick up the food and deliver it to a local food pantry. 

     Next, these boys will be at the Elks lodge preparing to serve their local veterans. It might make for a long day, but these boys do it every year without complaint."Many hands make light work, as you see scout parents filling cups and lining them up on the tables for the kids to deliver to the seated veterans. In the past, these boys have even been offered tips, which they politely decline. It's a joy to watch these children serve their local veterans with a big smile and a service-oriented heart," said Troop 1100 Committee Member, Dwayne Hall.

      Brian Binion with Steen Funeral home elaborated regarding the boy's service to the veterans, "The Boy Scout group approached us a few years ago wanting to volunteer to help serve the veterans. They have been a big help and we are thankful to have them."

      "It's a special event for our boy scout troop to serve our local veterans. The boys get to meet all of these men and women that served our country. We want the local veterans to see these boys appreciate their service to our country and are reverent in serving them on this special day," shared Hall.     

     "This is our 20th year. We missed the past two years due to the pandemic. The menu is baked steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken tenders, rolls, and cake. In previous years, we have had over 300 in attendance. Following the pandemic, we don’t know how many to expect in attendance; but are pleased to honor all of them," shared Binion

      If you were wondering if this dinner is open to the public Binion clarified, "We honor all veterans. We also have a display with the names and branches of service for each veteran that Steen Funeral Homes have been honored to serve, since our last program. Their families are also invited to attend. We send each family an invitation."

     Every November Troop 1100 starts off the month by placing empty bags on their neighbor's front doors; in adjacent neighborhoods near their charter organization, Second Freewill Baptist Church. The boys separate in groups and cover as much ground as possible, to pass out the bags. Scouting for food is an annual program that collects food for a local food pantry. Last year, all food collected was given to the Hillcrest Bruce Mission. The following Saturday, the scouts will go back to the neighborhoods and pick up the non-perishables for donation. This year bag drop off will be on Sunday, November 6, and pick up will be Sunday, November 13. If you find a bag on your door, load them up. It's for a good cause. Nobody should go hungry. 

     Troop Committee member Dwayne Hall explains, "We want people that are in our community and are struggling, to know that their community cares about them. We strive to collect as much food as possible to donate to the local Hillcrest Bruce Mission. Our boys are humble in knowing they have food on their tables and that some people do not, this is their special way to give back to their community."

     The Ashland Elks Lodge generously donates the facility for this annual event to serve local veterans. If you're a local veteran you're welcome to attend this upcoming event. Come, eat and enjoy the brief presentation by Steen Funeral Home in your honor. Your community wants to thank you for your service and show our appreciation to you. 




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