Dreams Come True If You See Them Through

Dreams Come True If You See Them Through

Rico Bush

For The Beacon


   Having dreams is one thing that doesn’t change from childhood to adulthood. The subject of our dreams change some as we grow older, and eventually, most of us begin to leave these visions behind as we age, thinking that they will never come to fruition. 

   However, the bravery and determination of one little girl has shown us that if you believe in yourself, you can make your dreams a reality. I’m sure we have all heard the saying, the proof is in the pudding, so with that, said I hope you are ready for some dessert! 

   Newly appointed principal of Catlettsburg Elementary, Jana Osborne, regales us with a dream that she has had the pleasure of watching come true. Osborne shared that this dream started during the fall of 2021 within the mind of one beautiful little girl by the name of Jenna Cumpston. Cumpston was a fifth grade student at Catlettsburg Elementary at the time. This aspiration is one that every young boy and young girl, no matter what age has dreamt of…  a big shiny new playground!

   Jenna Cumpston is teaching us that for our dreams to come true, we have to be willing to put the work in. Osborne shared with us that Cumpston went to various individuals, businesses, and city officials to raise funds for this new playground. Osborne went on to add, “Cumpston was able to get all the funds needed for this dream from individuals and corporations. The entire process from vision, to dream, to raising money and designing took about a year to completion.” Cumpston also showed that any worthwhile dream takes time, effort, and determination for the dream to come true. How many adults can stick with something for over a year to see something through? Let alone a fifth grader. I firmly believe that this fifth grader could be a role model for most adults.

   Now close your eyes… imagine being able to see your dream in your mind and then being able to open your eyes and see it come true right before you. Osborne delighted us in sharing, “watching Jenna cut the ribbon to enter her dream and run across the playground and straight to the swings will forever hold a space in my heart.” As we all know it would only be fitting that Little Miss Cumpston have the honor of being the first to play on the new playground. Osborne shares the same thought, “It was only fitting that Cumpston was the first to play because she was so instrumental throughout the entire process. I was humbled to be able to stand alongside all of all those who worked and sacrificed so much to make her dream a reality for not only her but all of our students. Catlettsburg is a wonderful place. I am beyond blessed to be a small part of all that happens here.”

   Dreams inspire dreams, as we found out from talking to Principal Osborne, who let us in on her own little dream of her own for the school. “We are currently working on creating an outdoor learning space. Something that both teachers and students will be able to utilize as an alternative to their everyday classrooms. Sunshine and fresh air is vital to both students and teachers alike.” We are all looking forward to Mrs. Osborne’s dream come true and I myself am looking forward to hearing about more local dreams coming true.  

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