Festival of Trees & Trains 2022

Festival of Trees & Trains 2022



Tuesday, November 22

12 - 8 p.m.  Festival Open


Wednesday, November 23

12 - 8 p.m.   Festival Open 


Thursday, November 24

4 - 8 p.m.   Festival Open

Happy Thanksgiving


Friday, November 25

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. Sensory Hour

12 - 8 p.m.   Festival Open 

5 p.m. Huntington Harmonica Club

6 p.m. Kelly's Bridge

7 p.m. International Folklanders                                                                   


Saturday, November 26

12 - 8 p.m.  Festival Open 

12 - 2 p.m.  Cocoa with Santa and Activities on Stage

3 p.m. Lane and Mike Moore

4 p.m. Mattox Hale

5 p.m. Emma Stephens

6 p.m. Stephens Family and Friends

7 p.m. Stephens Family and Friends


Sunday, November 27

12 - 5 p.m.    Festival Open

1 p.m. Ashland Regional Dance Team

2 p.m. Phillip Osborne

3 p.m. Advance Methodist Handbell Choir

3 p.m. Awards/Ribbons pickup begins

4 p.m. Steve Free

4 p.m.  Bidding Closes - Raffle Drawings announced

6 – 7 p.m. Purchased Item Pickup- Backstage


Monday, November 28

1- 7 p.m.  Purchased Item Pickup - Backstage




Congratulations to the award winners from Festival of Trees & Trains 2022! 


Best in Show

610.  Theme:  The Reason

Decorator:  Esther Edmoundson


Featured Trees

1st Place  610.  Theme:  The Reason

Decorator:  Esther Edmoundson

2nd Place  609. Theme:  Forest Flurries

Decorator: Amy Kile and Crawford Shocky

3rd Place  605.  Theme:  See You on the Slopes

Decorator:  Amanda Collins and Sheila Fraley   

Honorable Mention

604.  Theme:  Christmas Joy, Decorator:  Tammy Moore, 

Karissa Sammons, Stephanie Martin and Meagan Mays


Community Large Trees

1st Place  305.  Theme:  A Charlie Brown Christmas

Decorator:  Travis, Sarah and Tyler Williams

2nd Place  311.  Theme:  A Year of Cookies

Decorator:  Alyssa Tucker

3rd Place  325.  Theme:  Jungle Book

Decorator:  Tiffany Boggs and Tamara Murdoch           

Honorable Mention

 315.  Theme:  Christmas Over the Rainbow, 

Decorator:  Pediatric Dentistry Staff

 ​301.  Theme:  Harry Potter, Decorator:  Sophia Trimble


Community Medium Trees

1st Place  721.  Theme:  Aristocats

Decorator:  Tiffany Boggs and Tamara Murdoch

2nd Place  730.  Theme:  A Very Merry Yetiday

Decorator:  Rilee & Marlowe Layman Bohanon

3rd Place  717.  Theme:  A Room for Everyone

Decorator:  Kate Marshal

Honorable Mention

 707.  Theme:  Gnome Place Like Home for the Holidays, 

Decorator:  Family Medicine Center Physicians and Staff

 706.  Theme:  Snowman Holiday, ​Decorator:  Brooke 

Frye and Wes Keck


Community Small Trees

1st Place  405.  Theme:  Create with Us!

Decorator:  Visit Ashland, KY

2nd Place  404.  Theme:  Remembering Elvis

Decorator:  Jamie Wells

3rd Place  401.  Theme:  Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

Decorator:  Ashley Caskey, Jessica Wornack and Jessica Ramsdell

Honorable Mention

410.  Theme:  Barbie World, Decorator:  Jackie Boggs



1st Place  105.  Theme:  Grinch Christmas

Decorator:  Heather Wilson

2nd Place  101.  Theme:  The Grinch

Decorator;  Partricia Estep

3rd Place  103.  Theme:  Ginger Icington

Decorator:  Bonni Potter

Honorable Mention

104.  Theme:  Oh, What Fun!, Decorator:  Autumn Peterman and April Hall


School Trees: Primary

1st Place  503.  Theme:  Happy Little Tree

Decorator:  Lea Foudray

School:  Russell Primary School, Grade:  K-2nd Grade

2nd Place  506. Theme: Rudolph with Your Nose so Bright!

Decorators:  Mrs. Bowe and Mrs. Carrie's Classes

School:  Argillite Elementary, Grade:  Kindergarten

3rd Place  504.  Theme:  Mary and Bright

Decorator:  CKLC Teachers, Sarah Bobst

School:  Christ's Kids Learning Center, Grade:  Preschool

Honorable Mention  501.  Theme:  Kindergarten is Merry and Bright, Decorator:  Karla Dilley, School:  Rock Hill Elementary


School Trees: Intermediate

1st Place  516.  Theme:  He Who Sings Prays Twice

Decorator:  Anna Easterling

School:  St. Lawrence Elementary School, Grade:  Pre-K- 6

2nd Place  512.  Theme:  It's Always a Merry and Bight Christmas at Charles Russell

Decorator:  Whitney Martin

School:  Charles Russell Elementary, Grade:  K - 5th Grades 

3rd Place  517.  Theme:  Come on Red

Decorators:  Latonya Rowe, Lighthouse Team

School:  Highland Elementary, Grade:  Intermediate


Honorable Mention  510.  Theme:  Russell McDowell Intermediate School, Decorator:  Nicole Shivel, School:  Russell McDowell Intermediate School, Grade:  5


School Trees: Middle School

1st Place  518.  Theme:  Our Future is Bright

Decorator:  Katie Williams, EdRising Class

School:  Wurtland Middle School, Grade:  6th - 8th

2nd Place  519. Theme:  I'll Be "Home Alone" for Christmas

Decorator:  Cory Brown

School: Ashland Middle School, Grade:  6-8 Student Council

3rd Place 522. Theme: Have an Extra! Extra! Merry Christmas!

Decorator:  Kayla Fleming and Journalism Class

School:  McKell Middle School, Grade:  6th -8th Grades

Honorable Mention 525.  Theme:  Milton Middle School 8th Grade Team A, Decorator:  Angela Faller, School:  Milton Middle School, Grade:  8th Grade 


School Trees: High School

1st Place  532.  Theme:  A Unique Waterfall of Creativity!

Decorator:  Amanda Tate

School:  Ashland Paul G. Blazer High School, Grade:  9th - 12th Grade MSD Resource Class

2nd Place  526.  Theme:  GCHS Beta Students

Decorator:  Regina Rice

School:  Greenup County High, Grade:  9 - 12 Beta Club

3rd Place  529.  Theme:  Star of Bethlehem

Decorator:  Krista Richardson

School:  Carter Christian Academy, Grade:  9-12 Art Class

Honorable Mention  527.  Theme:  The Next Chapter, Decorator:  Tonia Lucas, Sara Geyer, School:  Fairview High School, Grade:  12th Grade    


Scout Trees

1st Place 907.  Theme:  Let's Make S'mores

Decorators:  Laura Ashley Suttles

2nd Place 909.  Theme:  'Twas the Night Before a Girl Scout Christmas

Decorators:  India Burris, Girl Scout Troop 7050

3rd Place  901.  Theme: Girl Scout Troop 962

Decorator:  Melissa Wellman

Honorable Mention  902.  Theme:  Tis the Seson to be Kind, Decorator:  Melissa Dillon, Girl Scout Troop 1100, Grade:  Kindergarten - 6th Grades


Bowling Pins

1st Place  1006.  Theme:  The Day After Christmas

Decorator:  Toni McKinley

2nd Place  1008. Theme:  The Christmasaurus

Decorator:  Monyca Malave

3rd Place  1004.  Theme:  Yeti or Not, Here Comes Christmas

Decorator:  Bonni Potter

Honorable Mention  1026.  Theme:  Hometown Holiday

Decorator:  Bonni Potter


Art Items

1st Place  803.  Theme:  Bling in the Holidays

Decorator:  Kimberly Baldock, M.D.

2nd Place  802.  Theme:  Santa on Winchester

Decorator:  Sharon McCarty

3rd Place  806.  Theme:  Snowman Show

Decorator:  Bonni Potter

Honorable Mention  810.  Theme:  Country Christmas

Decorator:  Debbie Qualls


Chairman's Choice

 606.  Theme:  A "Fairy" Merry Christmas

Decorator:  Crescent French Holbrook

 607.  Theme:  Lara's Bridals and Formals

Decorator:  Blake Liles

 707.  Theme:  Gnome Place Like Home for the Holidays

Decorator:  Family Medicine Center Physicians and Staff

 325.  Theme:  Jungle Book

Decorator:  Tiffany Boggs and Tamara Murdoch

​ 312.  Theme:  Hocus Pocus

Decorator:  Chris Lawson, Mary Lowe, and Dianna Grubb


Photos by Zach Daniels

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