READ ME A BEDTIME STORY: The Wizard’s Best: Part Two of a Series of Wizarding Adventures

Jonathan Joy • The Ashland Beacon


   Like “The Wizard’s Test”, this tale is an ABC Acrostic Poem.  Note that the first line begins with A.  The second line B.  The third, C.  And so on throughout the alphabet all through the entire piece.  Try writing your own 26-line ABC Acrostic Poem on any subject of your choosing. 


A clever test recently revealed who I could trust.

Best buddies and wizard friends are we.  

Creed can whip up about anything, his specialty is potions and spells.

Deidra amazes with her ability, as she flies high in the sky.

Eugenia is the weapons master, with maces, daggers, and swords, oh my!

For, I am called Tobias, and I lead this weird, loyal pack.

Good deeds we spread all o’er the land.

Helpers, our wizarding crew, endeavors to be.

It is a time when many are in need.

Jowly’s Hollow was one such place under the thumb of a cruel leader.

King Humphreys, his name, and he set a bounty on our heads.

Lo and behold, hunters came from far and wide.

Magicians, beware! They screamed as they struck.

Never had my crew been so tested as this. 

On high, Deidra spied on our invaders and controlled strategy based on their whereabouts.

Potions by Creed were used to hide us and trick warriors all around.

Quickly, an agile Eugenia armed us all.

Ready for battle, four against too many, outnumbered.

Surprised we were when those citizens of Jowly’s Hollow joined by our side.

Thankfully, our might and the will of a people tired of an unstable King won out.

Unstoppable were we when working together.

Victory is easily won when many cooperate with a common goal. 

West we moved to our next destination,

X marking another spot on the map,

Yellow setting sun ahead,

Zaar’s people, their safety and secrets, would be next. 


Coming Soon:  The Wizard’s Quest

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