Booming Businesses at the Camp Landing Entertainment District

Cowboys and Angels

Booming Businesses at the Camp Landing Entertainment District

By: Sasha Bush  

The Greater Ashland Beacon   

 Since the arrival of Camp Landing, Boyd County has really been booming. New businesses are coming into the county all the time. On Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022, Camp Landing Entertainment District welcomed four new businesses to its ever-expanding venue. Elisabeth Camp, one of the owners of Camp Landing, spoke with us about these exciting new arrivals. “We are super excited about these new businesses here at Camp Landing. Some of them have been open but didn’t get to have their official grand opening until now.” With so many exciting things happening at Camp Landing, Saturday is sure to bring with it an excellent opportunity for everyone to check out all that this establishment has to offer, while checking out some unique new locally owned businesses.  

The day started off at 11 a.m. with the ever so popular Loco Fresh grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. Loco Fresh comes from very humble beginnings. Originally, Loco Fresh was in West Side of Huntington, where owners Sam McGuffin and Jonah Mathis began selling fresh produce out of a garage. Mathis shared, “We had friends of ours come and ask us if we could cut up their watermelon for them. We said sure we can do that. So, we began cutting up fruits and eventually came up with a menu of various fruit cups and such.” Mathis went on to add, “After that, we evolved into a restaurant space in our old garage there and we offered fruit cups, salads and various produce.” Eventually, Mathis and McGuffin realized that they had outgrown their garage space, and it was time to expand.  

On Oct. 1, 2021, Mathis and McGuffin moved into their current location at Camp Landing and were met with excitement and support from the community. The fruit cup business was certainly booming. Both Mathis and McGuffin have since received several requests to carry other culinary items, such as burgers. Loco Fresh has heard your request and has now revamped their restaurant with not only a fresh new sign but also a fresh new menu. Loco Fresh’s new sign now reads “Loco Fresh- Burgers and Brews.” Loco fresh will now be offering a variety of brews, some of the best fries in the area and fresh burgers. “Our burgers are fresh 100 percent beef, never frozen patties!” pointed out McGuffin. But, don’t fret! Loco Fresh will be staying true to its original roots and will continue to offer their delicious fruit concoctions when fruit is season. The owners of Loco Fresh believe if it isn’t Loco Fresh… It can’t be crazy good for you!  

Hillbilly Hibachi also had its official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Hillbilly Hibachi is owned by Adam Brown and Travis York. Both Brown and York are just two country boys who had a dream of sharing their Japanese-inspired dishes without all the formalities and fancy antics you might find in a more traditional Japanese restaurant. Not only do these two country boys offer some of the best food around, but they are also one of the biggest supporters of our community and local youth. Hillbilly Hibachi is always hosting fundraisers for various people, groups and organizations within our community.  

The fun didn’t stop there! Camp Landing wasn’t done wowing us with their unique new businesses. At noon on Saturday, Cowboys and Angels held their official grand opening. Cowboys and Angels is owned by Jason Camp and his lovely wife Elisabeth Camp. Cowboy’s & Angels is truly a unique and authentic western wear store. They offer a great selection of boots and western themed clothes. They cater to all ages from babies to adults. You will find some of your most favorite brands of western wear, which include brands such as Ariat and Hooey. If you are a fan of the insanely popular TV series Yellowstone, you will love all that Cowboys and Angels has to offer. Elisabeth Camp shared, “We get shipments every week, so we are constantly getting new items.” Something unique to Cowboys & Angels is that you can get a free ride on their mechanical bull if your purchase totals $100. You can also ride the mechanical bull even without a $100 purchase for a small fee of $5 per a ride or 5 rides for $20. The best part is that it is fun for all ages.  

Camp Landing Entertainment District welcomed CB Bears and Things to the rank of already impressive stores located inside. CB Bears and Things unveiled their brand-new business Saturday as well with a ribbon cutting ceremony that took place at 12:30 p.m. CB Bears and Things is owned by John and Beverly Peyton. Beverly Peyton stated, “We offer a variety of over 100 stuffed animals that you can customize with hearts, birth certificates, bags and clothing. We have a little something for everyone.” Among your choices for your animal’s hearts, you can choose from kindness, love, courage or best friends.  

CB Bears and Things will also be offering sound modules that can you pick from to give your animals a voice. You can even make a custom sound module with a special message and make it in your own voice or the voice of a loved one. Children of all ages are sure to love this new addition to the Camp Landing Entertainment District. So, whether you are looking for something to do such as movies, bowling, axe throwing or my personal favorite… SHOPPING… you are sure to find exactly what your heart desires at Camp Landing Entertainment District.  

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