A Spiritualistic Story Theresa Caputo to Channel Love of Past and Present

A Spiritualistic Story

Theresa Caputo to Channel Love of Past and Present

By Tammie Hetzer-Womack

The Greater Ashland Beacon


Theresa Caputo Credit Richard Marchisotto


On this wintry Saturday morning, so close to Christmas, I’m drawn to my heavenly origins, the divine Spirit which links all of us into some metaphysical-mental transcendence. For all of us, grieving is different. This is the second Christmastime without my mom, yet I know she shines in some celestial body watching over me.


The Christmas tree lights deliver an extrasensory effect, glowing with earthly shine but knowing I can’t hug the unearthly. Perhaps, I’m looking for something in my conversation with famed Theresa Caputo, psychic and spiritualist to the stars, a supersensory woman who is stellar in bringing the heavenly a little closer. She is slated to appear at the Paramount Arts Center on May 6 at 7:30 p.m., where she will provide blessed readings between angelic who moved on – and us, who live a more pragmatic existence, down to earth.

Tickets are on sale now.

Don’t be jaded by Caputo’s superstardom and stature from reality television recognition. Although she is of TLC/character and status, Caputo is unpretentious and puts golden mean in the word “medium.” She just returned to The Big Apple, the spiritist coming home for the holidays. It must be noisy in the telepath of the Tampa airport, channels of spirits betwixt and between boarding.

Caputo is quick to volunteer her eagerness to take the PAC stage.

“Any time you’re in a theatre with all the years of history, it evokes energy. Thousands of people have experienced those theatre seats, so once I take the stage, I’m sensing it all through me.”

Caputo looks at these body lives, powers, and energies as familiar spirits, not as ghosts or haunts. They are “shadows or silhouettes,” which pass by her several times daily. She says it is actually commonplace for people to have friends or family, now departed, call upon them, dropping by to share love.

“For many, it’s confusing on what they see and feel,” Caputo deciphered. “But they are loved ones who are here to protect, love, and guide us.”

Caputo understands we grieve and long for lost loved ones every single day. Perhaps that’s why we have experiences with the souls of the departed, especially during the holiday season.

“We call upon traditions and values that bring us closer to those we love. Those memories may come from baking, cooking, stringing ornaments, or even sewing popcorn and cranberries onto the Christmas tree. All of these memories are meant to soothe our souls.”

Caputo believes we are always sent impassioned, motherly and fatherly, shepherding and safeguarding, messages. Through “little things,” we connect with the departed.

“It can be a subtle scent. Maybe the feeling of someone standing behind you or brushing alongside you.”

In the springtime PAC performance, Caputo will receive many tidings and dispatches from the other side, as she walks onto the risers. She will hear quick speeches from the spirit guides, channeling their loved ones, surrounded throughout the auditorium. Cameras will follow her from the footlights into the playhouse, where she hears voices read through a million years. Attendees inside the auditorium are surprised when they’re chosen out-of-the-blue for a reading, which is entirely random.

“The spirits give us what we need, not what we want.”

She says that it is often a life-changing show. PAC patrons personally didn’t expect to be heralded from beyond, but the unpremeditated announcement is most “powerful and extraordinary.” For over 20 years, Caputo heard messages from spirits, encouraging the living to embrace life and happiness.

Astonishingly, that’s when the conversation shifts. The publicist promised before this interview to not expect a reading, so I was stunned when Caputo immediately started speaking about my mother – who was an avid fan of her TLC television show for numerous years. She paused briefly, explaining I seemed “numb to the signs and symbols that the spirit of my mother reminds me of daily.”

Caputo says my mom envelops me with messages to cherish my life and happiness, treasuring my spiritedness, although she is gone.

“Your soul – you’re spiritually connected. She wants you to know that you’re still living your life and to hold onto your faith in the afterlife. Although she can’t believe she is gone from you, she wouldn’t trade anything for a bit of time for your soul to heal.”

At that point in the interview, I felt some ease and tranquility I hadn’t known in over a year. A peace came over me, and I ended up napping after I hung up the phone.

I honestly could hear my mom speaking a message through Caputo:

“Continue to have faith and keep your amazing strength.”

If you’re interested in receiving a reading from Theresa Caputo, call 1-866-822-7886. Leave a message and you might be chosen to receive a spiritual reading.

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