Beloved Husband, Father  Community Mourning Loss of Josh Stewart

Beloved Husband, Father 

Community Mourning Loss of Josh Stewart

Kathy Clayton

Ashland Beacon

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                As loved ones rally to support the family and friends of Josh Stewart, it is clear that he left lasting memories full of love for those who knew him.

                Josh lost his life in a tragic accident on January 8, and people who knew him are still reeling from the loss of this young family man. One thing that helps during times of extreme grief is sharing stories of a life well-lived, full of promise, love, friendship and faith.



                Neighbors who knew Josh growing up on Trace Road in Boyd County recalled a group of young boys they referred to as the Trace Road Boys,  who rode dirt bikes in the area that is now Rush Off Road. One neighbor recalled that the boys were like brothers, and the moms all treated them as if they were their own.

                Josh left behind his beloved wife Amanda, and two young children, Jakob and McKinlee, six and ten, as well as his parents, Chip and Donna Stewart. A sad twist to an already tragic story, Amanda and her father were involved in a serious car accident returning home from the hospital.

                A cousin, Jared Hutchinson, set up a Go Fund Me account for the family, with an original goal of raising $5,000. With that amount quickly met, the goal was raised to $10,000. The page now says that $25,750 has been raised so far.

                “We ache for his wife and children,” the Go Fund Me page reads, “who are left searching for the pages torn from a book that they believed had already been written.” Most of the touching tribute on the Go Fund Me page was written by Lasheya Hutchinson, wife of cousin Brandon Hutchinson, Jared’s brother.

                “When the Trace Road Boys were young, there were eight or so boys … who would take off out Rush for the day (before cell phones), and us mommas would worry and call each other to see if they had seen the boys,” one neighbor said. “I remember last fall a neighbor had a dirt bike trail behind his house and all the kids were riding their dirt bikes, and then the dads got on and rode. It was the best time – we laughed at these grown men on their kids’ bikes. There was always mud-slinging somewhere when they were all together.”

                Another story shared about Josh tells how he showed up at his pastor’s house one evening, around 2018. “Josh just showed up at his door late one evening and told him he was under conviction and just couldn’t let it go. Josh was saved as an adult that night and was baptized shortly after.”

                The Go Fund Me page described a young couple who were making a good life for themselves and their children. “They were one boot-scootin’ dynamic duo with a parallel love of the outdoors, animals, adventure, and country music. Together, they built a strong relationship, a family, a new home, and a life that they once only dreamt of.”

                Hutchinson said, “The main thing everyone should know about Josh is what a good dad he was. He worked out of town five days a week, and he wanted his kids home on weekends so he could spend time with them.” He said Josh was a “big outdoorsman,” and would take his children out in the woods on weekends.

                “His son Jake is just ten years old, and he’s so mature for his age,” Hutchinson said. “Here’s how good a dad he was – they have a stove outside that’s used to heat their home, and Jake has been keeping an eye on it, making sure the temperature stays at the right level to heat the house, and adding wood to the fire. He said he needed to crawl under the house to check the air filter. Josh taught him those things.”

                Besides spending time with his family and friends, Josh enjoyed hunting and fishing. He is described as a hard worker who also was quick to lend a hand to help fix things for friends and family. He was a volunteer fireman with the East Fork Fire Department.

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