Family Harmony and Celebration with Mosteller Family Ministries

Family Harmony and Celebration with Mosteller Family Ministries

Grace Phillips

Ashland Beacon

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Avid music lovers from our area can agree on one thing….there is nothing sweeter than family harmony.  Every once in a while you run across a group whose sound is so unique you just know they have to be family even if you have never heard them or known their name.  The Mosteller Family Ministries from Madison, WV, is one of those.   Everyone in the tristate area will have the opportunity to hear this amazing family on March 5th at the Mavity Free Will Baptist Church located just past the Flying J at Cannonsburg. 

 For the past nine years, the family has been traveling and singing together as it is today.  The group consists of Jeff Mosteller, his wife Allison, her twin sister Ashley, and now Ashley’s son Andrew who just turned 14.  Allison and Ashley grew up singing with their parents and when Jeff came into the family it was a natural progression for him to join in.  Their parents no longer sing with them, but their legacy continues with the next generation.

Jeff is multi-talented.  As well as singing he plays the piano for the group and is also is an ordained minister.  For the past seven years he has also pastored Hilltop Chapel Free Will Baptist Church in Madison, WV as well as working full-time as an administrator at Boone Memorial Hospital. 

“At one time we were doing about 20-25 revivals a year, but I have cut back to one or two a month in the past few years.  It became harder to be on the road all the time as the children got older and were in school, even though we home schooled.  Add to that pastoring a church… I had to cut back a little.”   Jeff and Allison have 2 boys, Ashton and Ethan and currently are fostering to adopt a 12-year-old daughter, Mikalya who attends a Christian school.

As we talked for a while, Jeff began to talk about some of the things they have experienced along the way.  “There are so many stories of the lives we have seen changed by God, but every now and then something just happens out of the blue when it is least expected” he continued, “About three weeks ago, it was just a regular Wednesday night service at our church, and the next thing you know 11 people had been saved that night!” 

The Mosteller family has sung in many churches throughout several states and has been featured on Evangelistic Outreach with Calvin Ray Evans.  Brian Baer, Assistant Pastor at Rubyville Community Church stated, “I have been privileged to listen and worship with some of Heaven’s finest singers and preachers.  From the first note out of Jeff Mosteller and his family’s voice, my life was changed.  Never have I seen a family make such an impact on a worship service at the Rubyville Community Church.”  He went on to say, “Jeff is also an anointed preacher, who has a unique discernment to follow the voice of God.  I have been challenged by his preaching and also been greatly encouraged by their gifted singing.”

With all the stories of ministry and seeing lives changed, there are also the unexpected crazy things that happen along the way.  Allison and Jeff laughed as she recalled a funny series of events.  “I guess we are just clumsy or something because three weeks in a row we knocked things off and broke them.  One church had a vase of flowers on the piano, another one on the pulpit and a third one had an angel…. we managed to break them all.   We said pretty soon churches wouldn’t let us come back because we always broke things.”

Although they have many calls to share their talents and for Jeff to preach, he is very modest. When asked if he had anything else he would like to share about their family, he replied “No, not really…we’re just plain people, just singing for the glory of God and want to see people saved.”  That’s the type of people God uses.

The Mosteller Family will be singing at Mavity Free Will Baptist Church on Sunday evening, March 5th at 6pm.  Mavity’s Pastor, Brandon Depriest told us, “We are looking forward to a wonderful service and hosting the Mosteller family for the first time at our church.   Everyone is welcome at Mavity, and we look forward to seeing new faces in our service.” Mavity is located at 15596 Laurel Haven Drive, Catlettsburg, KY just past the Flying J at Cannonsburg and across from the Boyd County Convention Center. 

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