KSTC Provides Unique Occupational Opportunities for Kentucky’s Veterans

KSTC Provides Unique Occupational Opportunities for Kentucky’s Veterans

Doug Calhoun

Ashland Beacon

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The Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation is a uniquely Kentucky organization
that creates, promotes and advances initiatives for citizens of the Commonwealth to accelerate
opportunities in the areas of science and technology. KSTC has found a home in education,
research and commercialization, business advancement, and workforce development across
the state.

KSTC’s latest venture seeks to serve Kentucky’s valuable and vast veteran population.
The program is called KY VALOR (Veterans Accelerated Licensure Occupational Recruitment)
KY VALOR is designed to recruit transitioning service members and their families to civilian
occupations throughout the state by partnering with Kentucky Employers. “Talent development
and attraction is fundamental to building an innovation-driven economy. KSTC is in a unique
position to help fill employment gaps for our wide network of employer partners,” shared KSTC
President Terry Samuel. “With the career pathways we’ve already established, veterans can use
their specialized military experience to secure high-paying licensed jobs throughout the state
and we can support Kentucky employers in recruiting trained, proven employees.
KY VALOR will offer veterans credit for prior military education and experience to quickly
secure occupational licensures and certifications in the Commonwealth through accelerated
pathways developed by KSTC through a previous grant from the U.S. Department of Labor
called VALLO. Kentucky is one of only three states with these military-friendly pathways, which
lead to 55 licensed/certified occupations and cover more than 180 Military Occupational

KY VALOR is a non-profit organization that believes that the shortest pathway for the
transitioning veteran is the best pathway. By recognizing their unique career goals and family
needs,VALOR will connect our veterans with fulfilling careers in Kentucky. “We believe it’s
important to take a personalized approach and go beyond job placement,” said Molly Bode, KY
VALOR executive director. “We look at each service member’s unique experiences, career
goals, and family needs to match them with opportunities so they can build a fulfilling
post-service civilian career and home in Kentucky.”

Through VALOR, Kentucky veterans can use their military experience to find a fulfilling
and lucrative post-service career. Kentucky offers over 150,000 job opportunities and more than
44 accelerated career pathways that give credit for the education and experience gained in the
military. Veterans can skip lengthy job searches and certifications to quickly advance to a next
career, and KY VALOR can help.
Kentucky is home to nearly four-hundred thousand veterans, many of whom are still
trying to find their way in terms of vocation and livelihood. John 15:13 reminds us that there is
no greater love than this: that a person would lay down their life for the sake of their friends. It
seems impossible to repay our veterans and their families for their selfless service, but thanks to
the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation and their KY VALOR program we can give
back something meaningful.
If you are a veteran seeking post-service employment or know of a veteran with
post-service employment needs, visit kyvalor.com

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