Love Knows No Limits: Play and Pray for Woodsy

Love Knows No Limits: Play and Pray for Woodsy

Love Knows No Limits:

Play and Pray for Woodsy

Deidra Bowling-Meade

The Ashland Beacon


This article is published in loving memory of Scott Woods who passed away on Thursday, September 14 at Hospice in Ashland. Scott’s earthly journey is through, but I know he got to hear these words: “His Lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.’” Matthew 25:21  

         Let’s continue to support, pray, and love the Woods family during this difficult time. 


“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”

Blaise Pascal

   Selfless, dedicated, passionate, loyal, and caring are just some words that come to mind when you think of someone who truly knows the meaning of love. Words cannot adequately describe the lives of Scott and Megan Woods who have been married 13 years this past June and have three amazing children–Couper (11), Whitley (9) and Owen (6). This family loves above all else and sets an example that we can all follow. Scott and Megan’s dedication to putting Christ first and trusting His plan even when they may not understand has given them a solid foundation to raise their children, build a stronger marriage and love one another. Truly, love never fails.


    Scott and Megan’s love story began in 2006. Megan shared, “We met my first year of teaching in 2006 at Raceland. I was hired to do special education. Little did I know, I was hired to take his job. He ended up staying and our friendship grew.  Scott and I shared a love for family, fast cars and nature. We  always enjoyed hanging out with friends, attending sporting events and being together. Scott proposed Feb. 13, 2010. He  said he wasn’t going to do it on Valentine's Day.”

   Jason Clark, Scott’s good friend since childhood as well as former colleague at Raceland, recalled his account of that love match, “2006 was my first-year coaching volleyball at Raceland. Megan was coming into her first year of teaching, and we hired her for assistant. Her and Scott we're going to be sharing rooms. Scott is one of those guys who is just laid back, easy to get along with. He doesn’t get too worked up over anything. Megan is like high intensity, by the book. She would complain to me, ‘He’s got stuff all over the place!’ They really didn’t seem to like each other. I was like, ‘Oh, you guys are going to end up getting married.’”

   Sure enough, Clark’s prediction was right. He still likes to tease Scott about his wooing of Megan after she left Raceland and got a job in Ashland. Clark jokingly told the story, “Scott became my assistant coach after Megan left. I taught kindergarten through sixth grade P.E. We just got done with practice, and I think Megan was working. Scott had been texting me about volleyball stuff. I got this text message, ‘How’s the sexiest kindergarten teacher I’ve ever seen?’ I said, ‘I'm doing great, man.’ Scott quickly replied, ‘Not for you.’’ 

   Scott and Megan married June 11, 2010. In 2013, just three years into their marriage, Scott and Megan’s lives would be changed forever. Megan recalled, “Scott was diagnosed with a brain tumor one week after we found out I was pregnant with Whitley. He had a seizure Thanksgiving night of 2013. He was rushed by ambulance to Bellefonte Hospital and transferred to St. Mary’s by helicopter. Scott had his first brain surgery Dec. 9, 2013. The doctor told us with the location of his tumor he may lose his speech and right-side motor movements. The first thing I asked him [Scott] was to move his right foot when I saw him in the recovery room. He said, ‘I am,’ but nothing was moving. I’m sure the look on my face said it all. He then started laughing and moved it. That’s how Scott has always been. Not a worry in the world. He always tells me not to worry. He went through six weeks of radiation in Huntington and started taking chemo after.” 

   scott footballMegan continued, “Scott developed  symptoms again in early June. We were all so scared his tumor was growing again. On June 9, 2014, he underwent another brain surgery.  After opening him up, the surgeon found infection in the site where the original surgery took place. His surgeon said he had about another week.” 

   However, God had a different plan for Scott. Megan explained, “He continued chemo for a year. Even though he was off work, didn’t feel well and was weak from the chemo and steroids, he never gave up. He was always positive and supportive of his family no matter what. Scott went back to work after a year of chemo. Life went back to normal. We were both working and raising our two babies.  We didn’t know if we would be able to have  more children after his treatments. Then came our miracle baby, Owen, in March 2017.”  Truly, love never fails. 

    Tragically, the past year has been difficult with continuing health problems that have left Scott unable to walk. Scott received some bad test results with the return of his tumor and has been told that he has less than six months to live. That hasn’t stopped this family from making the most of their time together, loving one another, and witnessing and sharing love to those around them. 

   Megan remarked, “Scott has always been a fighter and has never given up. You will never hear him complain about his situation, feel sorry for himself, or ask why it happened to him. He has always made sure we had everything we needed and wanted. He is the calm to my storm. He’s always said, ‘we will get through this.’” 

   The love Megan and Scott share is everlasting; it never fails. Megan shared, “I have to remain strong for our children and Scott. I have learned to rely on God and his answered prayers. We have had 10 years with Scott since his diagnosis. We have three beautiful children. Couper plays about every sport possible–football, basketball, baseball, soccer and wrestling. He has taken after his dad with his love for sports. Couper has his dad’s personality when it comes to confidence and helping others. Whitley is also very involved with sports. She plays softball, soccer, basketball and cheers. Whitley is Scott’s ‘Baby Girl,’ his little princess. Owen is Scott made all over again. He is a daredevil and has the funniest personality. Just like the other two children, he enjoys sports including football, soccer, baseball, basketball and wrestling.” 

   Scott was able to share, “My family means everything.”  

   The Woods children expressed just how much their father means to them and what they enjoy most:  

   “I love going to the beach with my family. I like reading books to Dad. I like to play baseball with my dad. Dad always says he loves me. I want the doctors to help him to walk. I love that Dad has Jesus in his heart.” Owen

 “I love to play games and watch movies with my family. I love when my dad would pick me up in the pool and throw me and take me to the playground. Dad always says he loves me.”  Whitley 

“I loved going to Disney with my family. I love when Dad goes to watch me play sports and plays in the pool. Dad always says to never give up and try harder and harder. My dad is strong, smart, has a great attitude, he loves to be around his children and watching us play sports. Overall, he is a really nice guy.” Couper 

      Megan described the impact Scott has had on others over the years, “Scott wanted to help and encourage others as he did. Scott began his teaching career at West Carter and then transferred home to Raceland. At Raceland, Scott touched many lives of students. Scott also coached multiple sports including, football, baseball, basketball and volleyball.” Scott wanted to be a positive influence in the players lives and help them to succeed as he did. Although teaching and coaching were great successes with Scott, his greatest accomplishment was his family.” 

   Bill Farley, who serves as youth pastor at Greenup First Baptist Church, first got to know Scott through working with him at Raceland and later through attending church with the Woods family. He has seen firsthand the remarkable strength and love Megan and Scott possess as they have raised their children as well as the impact they are having on others. 


   Farley commented, “People have asked me how Scott is doing. And I said, you know, he kind of fades in and out of sleeping and you have to get down close to him to understand what he's saying. But even though they didn't get the prognosis they wanted, Scott was able to witness his children being baptized. You know, he was there at church when Couper was baptized and got to be home when Whitley and Owen were baptized at their home in the swimming pool. I really believe that deep down that's what kept Scott going as long as he has, so that he could witness his children being baptized and know that someday they'll all be back together again. Scott has touched so many lives and so many others that he'll never realize he has touched and the difference he has made– the difference that he's made in my life. And Megan, as well. I told Megan's mom the other day, I said you have raised a strong young lady. Megan has stood by Scott and supported him.”

   Farley wanted to honor the Woods family as best as he could by having a fundraiser to help the family with expenses. It ended up being far more than a fundraising event; it was a testimony of how love knows no limits. Farley explained, “I wanted to do something for Scott and Megan that not only showed them how much we love them but could also benefit them in some way. So, I came up with Playing for Woodsy because we always call him Woodsy. I thought what better match to play it against than Ashland because Jason coached with Scott.” 

   The game was scheduled Thursday, Aug. 24 at Raceland. White t-shirts were made for Raceland and gray t-shirts were made for Ashland that said, “We Play for Woodsy.” Farley continued, “I stopped down by Scott and Megan’s house and dropped off their t-shirts. Megan said, ‘Come on in, Scott's awake. So, I went in and talked with Scott and kind of told him what we were doing. We had prayer there that night. Megan said, ‘We'll see you tomorrow night.’ She was looking at Scott, but I just figured that she was talking about her and the children. 

   So fast forward to Thursday evening, and we're getting ready for the match. Couper is the first one in the door. His grandmother brought the kids. He said, ‘Mom and Dad are on their way.’ I'm like, what? Megan and Scott? Megan, Scott’s mom and dad came in the back door with Scott in his wheelchair. 

    Scott gets in there, and we’ve got a great crowd. Family from Raceland, friends and family from Ashland are coming up and they're getting to see Scott. Our girls went up and got to surround Scott with love. We got to just show Scott in a small way how much he's loved and how much he meant to not just the volleyball program but the Raceland community. He got to see teachers that he used to teach with; he got to see students that he had seen in the hallways. I got to see a smile on Scott's face.” 

   Farley’s goal was to have one hundred percent of the gate, concession stand, and donation jars go to Scott and Megan. He got to take the money directly to their home. Farley shared, “I said if you and the children need to do something, you got money to do that or whatever. And Megan said, ‘You don't know how much this is going to help out with us renting a van for Scott.’”

   Megan expressed her gratitude for all the support, “We have a great support system. Our family and friends have been with us every step of the way. They have gone above and beyond. Our church family has sent us numerous gifts and messages. They installed an electrical wheelchair ramp outside of our house. They have prayed for us and even came to our house to witness the baptism of Owen and Whitley in our pool. We could have never imagined the amount of support that we have received.” 

   Megan’s close friend, Amy Bennett, is helping with another fundraiser for the Woods family Saturday, Sept. 23 at Bill Cole Ford Parking Lot from 11 a.m. to 1p.m. The Pigs Blanket will be set up with a portion of the sales going to assist with medical/family expenses. Donations can also be made through a PayPal account setup for the family:  @MEGRENEE84. 


    Bennett expressed how much the family means to her, “Megan and I have been friends since middle school. She is the sister I choose. When she met Scott, I knew they were meant for each other. The beautiful family they have created together is their love story. I wanted to do this fundraiser so we could take some worry off the family, and they can just be together and enjoy the time they have with him. Knowing all the people that the Woods family has touched, I knew there would be such an amazing show of support.” 

   Clark agreed, “Scott loves big; it’s contagious! Scott and Megan are wonderful people; I don't have the words to describe how wonderful they both are. What Megan and Scott mean to the Ashland and Raceland community is just a phenomenal reach.”  

    Tomcat Bourbon & Brew House is also contributing 10% of all sales through Sunday, September 24th to the Woods family. “We ask all of our loyal customers and community to join together and participate in this community moment.  We want the Woods family to know that we are here for them, and we are so thankful to have them in our community,” stated their Facebook page. 

   Let’s continue to be a community of action–When you’re out playing sports, play for Woodsy. Above all, pray for Woodsy and the family. Farley has been able to visit Scott and the family several times and pray with Scott. Farley remarked, “I know God has a plan for all, and God has a plan for Scott as well. And whether Scott realizes or not, he is doing God's work even in this difficult time. Just for him to be able to come out and to be with us for that one volleyball game, he was a witness. He is a witness of God's grace, God's glory, even in difficult times.” Love knows no limits; love never fails. 

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