The Dainty Daisy Blooms: Local Boutique Shines

The Dainty Daisy Blooms: Local Boutique Shines

Gwen Akers

The Ashland Beacon

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A new boutique has made its way into the local limelight with its classy clothes, variety of pieces, and friendliness.

Headed by Jaime Bloss, who is a previous marketing director with 17 years of retail experience, and her daughter Emily Bloss who is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky, Dainty Daisy is a budding boutique that can be found online as well as at local pop-up events and vendor fairs.



“We, my daughter and I, it's something that we've always wanted to do. We came up with the name several years ago—one summer just kind of joking around about it. I love daisies; daisies are my favorite flowers, hence the name. We started last fall. I believe it was around August or so, and we just started to look into different vendors and so forth,” expressed Bloss.

After moving away for a time, Bloss moved back to the area and knew that she wanted to leap in becoming her own business owner and designer. Bloss has always loved small businesses and their ability to serve the community as well as the atmosphere of retail work, so she knew that Dainty Daisy was the next step for her.

“I love small businesses; I kind of have a passion for them. It’s just something I've always wanted to do,” explained Bloss, “I can tell you, with retail it's a learning experience. Something new every day. “

Owning a small business is certainly a family affair for Bloss, as both her son, husband, mom, sister-in-law, and daughter all help at events and with the store. Keeping on the same page, it is only together they can succeed. While strengthening their family bonds, owning Dainty Daisy has also allowed them to meet great customers and friends.

In the ancient language of flowers, daisies symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, alongside cheerfulness and love–which is exactly what the boutique is built upon. Their clothing seeks to bridge the generational trends of fashion to create something brand new. All of their pieces are hand-selected by Bloss and her daughter–always keeping the balance between style and reasonable price in mind.

“We try to find things in between my daughter, who's a college student, and myself as she says ‘mom-ish.’ We try to find the balance between the two, but we also try to be very reasonable with our pricing.”

Striking this balance has been an important part of the boutique’s journey, and they hope to continue this process. The Dainty Daisy has also recently begun selling chenille patch sweatshirts, which they press themselves, and can be customized for each individual.

Dainty Daisy has big plans for the future, hoping to eventually grow into a storefront, as well as a new website. Those interested in following Dainty Daisy should follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and keep an eye out for their newest events. As we head into the new year, make sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful blooms of the Dainty Daisy Boutique!

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