Evan Boggs Completes Her Journey with  Holy Family 

Evan Boggs Completes Her Journey with  Holy Family 

Grace Phillips

Ashland Beacon

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Evan Boggs is the daughter of Kim and Greg Boggs and graduated Valedictorian of her class at Holy Family High School with a 4.0 GPA.  Her achievements include being a member of the National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa, and Kappa Pi Honor Societies.

Holy Family participates in a collegiate program that allows their students to attend college in their junior and senior year.  Not only did Evan graduate from high school, she was also able to graduate from ACTC with an associates degree in science and art.


Evan has attended Holy Family Schools from the 1st Grade.  When asked what made the school special she responded immediately, “At Holy Family you are not just a student…you matter…you are not just a number to mark off attendance…you are family.”  Evan continued, “You get to know the teachers and they become a part of your family.  From 6th grade through the college part of the program I had the same math teacher.  We get to form connections or bonds with them.”  

As she talked about the teachers, Evan smile and mentioned about a teacher special to all the students, Mr. Worthington, or Mr. W. as she referred to him. “Mr. W. is so amazing.  I look up to him so much and consider him a part of my family.  Each year the radio station would have nominations for teacher of the year.  We nominated him so many times that they finally told us we couldn’t nominate him anymore because he has won so many times.”

Evan was a member of the Yearbook Club and for a while the Chess Club.  She also played on the South Point High School soccer team for 2 years because Holy Family did not have a soccer team.  She participated in an all-star cheer program, but her real love was dance.  “I have danced my whole life at the Elite Performance Academy in Huntington.”

Evan’s mom, Kim says watching her grow up has been interesting. “She keeps me on the go.  I love to watch her dance and I’m so proud of all she has accomplished.  She is very driven and I never have to ask if she has her assignments completed.”

When asked if she had one memory from school that would be with her throughout life she said, “I will always remember my first day at ACTC.  We were only 8th graders.  I wore my khaki skirt, khaki shorts and button up polo.  I can remember walking to class, very young, just 14 years old, surrounded by all these older individuals and feeling so very proud and accomplished that we were able to experience that.”

Evan will attend Marshall University this fall and plans on becoming a mid-wife.  “I am very passionate about women’s health. I believe it is a very unrecognized field and one that is often overlooked.  By become a midwife, I’ll be able to work closely with women in what some say is the most important time in a woman’s life… giving birth to their children.  I think birth is a miracle and such a wonderful thing.  I want to be a part of their journey.  My mom still talks about her midwife, how much she loved her and how helpful she was to her.  I would love for people to think of me in that way.”

We wish Evan all the best in the future and she continues her education and reaches for her dreams.

Logan Gibeaut Graduates from Holy Family 

Logan Gibeaut Graduates from Holy Family 

Grace Phillips

Ashland Beacon

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Logan Gibeaut is the son of Scott and Suzie Gibeaut from Ashland, KY.  Logan graduated from Holy Family High School with high distinction, a GPA of 3.6-4.0.  His family has long history with Holy Family School.  His grandfather was a graduate of the school, his mother attended Holy Family through 8th grade because there was no high school at that time and now Logan is a graduate. Not only has Logan graduated from high school, he has also graduated from ACTC with and associates degree.

Logan explains, “Holy Family High School participates in a collegiate program.  Your last 2 years of high school you are pretty much a college student. We can graduate high school with our associates degree.  I chose the technical side of the college.”  Logan studied welding during his time at ACTC and is already employed.  He said one of the biggest adjustments for him was getting used to was being an employee rather than a student.


Logan attended Holy Family schools beginning with kindergarten and continued until graduation.  Growing up he played baseball and basketball from 3rd grade through his freshman year in high school.  He was a member of the archery team and competed at the state level. He was also a member of the National Honor Society. 

When asked about his hobbies Logan smiled and chuckled, “Well it’s just as redneck as can be.  I go out to these county fairs and run demolition derbies.”  After a good laugh he went on to say he has been running them since he 16 years old.   He builds his own cars with the help of his dad.  “It’s just a whole lot of fun I have a great time! My dad doesn’t drive but he helps me with my cars.”

The thing that Logan liked the most about Holy Family was the one on one time with the teachers.  He mentioned one particular teacher, Mr. Worthington, “He was always willing to stay after school if we needed help with anything.”  Suzie, Logan’s mom, interjected, “he was an amazing teacher.”  Scott Gibeaut said that all the teachers were really great and went on to explain, “Mr. Worthington helps them get prepared for college.”

Logan’s parents are very proud of their son and his accomplishments.  His mom says, “He’s a wonderful young man, very bright & dedicated.   He has been working somewhere since he was 15 years old.”  According to Logan, “I’ve learned you have to make money if you want to do something with your life.”  This is a very valuable lesson to have learned at 18 years of age.

Looking back on his high school years Logan says his favorite memory is from his Freshman year.  “I remember winning the championship in basketball….we went undefeated that year.”  Logan’s dad added that he was a starter on the team that year and a big part of those wins.  

Logan plans to continuing working at his current employment for the time being.  His ultimate goal is to become a member of the operator’s union and remain in the Ashland area to work.   

Hats Off to Russell Seniors Ashlee Steele and Jonah Craft

Hats Off to Russell Seniors Ashlee Steele and Jonah Craft

Kathy Clayton

The Ashland Beacon

                Senior year is a time of anticipation, excitement, uncertainty, and apprehension – a gamut of emotions for young people on the cusp of adulthood. Ashlee Steele and Jonah Craft of Russell are two bright, talented seniors looking back on their achievements and forward to the possibilities unfolding before them.

                Their list of awards and accomplishments is long. Steele has participated in a wide variety of activities from leadership positions, music, golf, STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program), and recently won the Janet Bromley Award for excellence in the arts for her entry in a competition at the Huntington Museum of Art.


                Craft has participated in a number of organizations, played sports, worked with children as a little league baseball umpire and started a podcast. Both were selected for the Governor’s Scholars program at Morehead State University, and both have outstanding grades.

                “I always kind of knew, since elementary school, that I wanted to be in a leadership position, that I had the type of personality for leadership,” Ashlee said. “I’m not at all afraid to stand up in class or in front of a group of people and speak.”

                Besides the prestigious art award, one of her impressive awards was finishing first in the state in the STLP competition in 2021, with a project called VRED, which involved using virtual reality in the classroom. As Beta Club President, she attended the state convention, where she placed in painting and on-site drawing, where she had two hours to complete an art piece.

                Ashlee was selected for the Ashland Alliance Youth Leadership program and later served as a senior representative. She was elected student government treasurer for all four years of high school. She is a member of the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, Rho Kappa (social studies honor society), and is vice-president of the Art Honor Society.

                “And, I was on the golf team and play cello in the orchestra,” she noted. She has volunteered at The Neighborhood as well.

                She will attend the University of Louisville this fall, on a GSP (Governor’s Scholars Program) scholarship, majoring in fine arts, “or maybe a double major or minor in art history.” Her favorite teachers are former art teacher Tiffany Botts Perry (now a school counselor) and English teacher Robin Campbell.

                “I feel like I’m ready to take the next step,” Ashlee said. “It’s sad leaving high school behind, but I’m ready to move forward.”  Her advice to other students is to “always be yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your mind.” Ashlee is the daughter of Dwayne and Dawnetta Steele.

                Jonah has a long list of accomplishments during his high school years. He was a Governor’s Scholar at Morehead State University. “I participate in a lot of different organizations,” he said, citing FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), KYA/KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) Beta Club and the Russell Academic Team’s social studies team.

                “I’ve lived here all my life, but moved to Russell from Greenup to go to school at Russell,” he said. “They offer so many choices and variety in classes. I value that.” He played soccer his senior year and baseball as an underclassman, and has volunteered at The Neighborhood.

                “I love hanging out with my friends,” Craft said, “and I love working with kids, teaching them how to hit a baseball. I umpire little league. I love working on my podcast, Spin-Off. I work on that with my best friend. The subject is sports, but it’s also about anything.” He said they plan new material and have guests on the podcast.

                Jonah also plans to attend the University of Louisville. “I want to be a lawyer, so I’m taking the pre-law track, majoring in business – get a business and law degree. I’ll probably be a title or corporate lawyer.” He said his favorite teachers are social studies teachers Bryan Gross and Chelsea Park, who also is a Beta Club advisor, and Sherry Sias, the KYA (Kentucky YMCA Youth Association) leader.]

                “I’ve enjoyed my time in high school,” Craft said. “It’s definitely been a fun experience for me, and I’m excited for my future. I loved my GSP experience, so I’m sure I’ll love college. I want to experience facing challenges and solving them on my own.”

                His advice to young students is “You can only truly fail if you stop allowing yourself to succeed.”

                Jonah is the son of Paul and Amy Craft and has two brothers.

Evans is Keeping Her Eyes on Her Goals

Evans is Keeping Her Eyes on Her Goals

Gwen Akers

The Ashland Beacon

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Born in Ashland and raised in Greenup, Reagan Evans is chasing her dreams harder than ever before.

Reagan Evans is set to graduate in the Rose Hill class of 2023, and is ready to help both her community and the less fortunate.

Evans is the co-captain of the varsity volleyball team and co-captain of the track team, and to her, sports are a great way to both make friends and gain lifelong skills.

“I think sports are an awesome way to have team bonding and make really good friendships,” commented Evans. “And also, a way to build leadership.”


Evans has been greatly motivated by her brother, Ian, as well. Her brother was diagnosed with a one in a million kidney disease when he was very young. Evans cites him as one of the main reasons why she hopes to pursue physical therapy in the future. Her mother is also a great source of inspiration for her, as she is a single mother and works extremely hard for her family.

“I’ve watched her go through a lot with my little brother,” said Evans. “Just watching her go through that and still provide for her family is really amazing.”

Evans is also heavily involved in her aunt’s organization, Amy for Africa. Evans has been to Uganda three times over the past few years and serves a support role in their school and outreach programs.

“I would love to do a clinic over there after I'm out of college to show people how to help with their injuries and prevent things because they do not have any access to anything like that,” stated Evans.

Danna Powers, an English teacher at Rose Hill who has known Evans her entire high school career, could not speak more highly about Evans.

“She is like the spirit of the school. She's the first at every pep rally or setting out, taking care of pep rallies. She could be Miss Rose Hill,” exclaimed Powers. “She's just a delightful person. She's going to go into physical therapy, and I know she will succeed.”

Evans plans to study physical therapy at Shawnee State University and hopes to focus on athletics or in helping children.

“I would definitely say work hard. In any moments of doubt, think about your goals and pray about them and keep your eyes on the prize," said Evans. “Keep your eyes on your goals.”

Evans will graduate salutatorian of her class and advises others to never lose sight of their goals.

Raceland-Worthington Independent High School Senior Spotlight Tanner Erwin

Raceland-Worthington Independent High School Senior Spotlight

Tanner Erwin

Jarrod E. Stephens

Ashland Beacon

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There is truly no disputing the fact that it is our unique qualities that helps to make our world a wonderful place. Sometimes it’s the qualities that can’t necessarily be measured on paper that matter the most. Meet Tanner Erwin from Raceland-Worthington High School. Tanner will be graduating from Raceland and in the five years that he has attended the district he has been a great role model and mentor for those around him.


Tanner is known best for making noise. Yes, lots of noise. He has been a member of the Raceland High School Jazz Band and concert band throughout the years and has become an accomplished percussionist.

Raceland band director, Melyssa Justice had high praise for Tanner and his work ethic. “Tanner is very patient and helpful. If there is ever work to do before or after an event we've put on, he's the one helping carry equipment without having to be asked. He's never forgotten music or been unprepared. Younger students in the marching band looked up to his musicianship and his character. He is a wonderful young man with great character and a sense of humor. I will miss Tanner's consistency and great attitude next school year.”

Justice has known Tanner since he enrolled in the 8th grade and told of his accomplishments while in band. “He is a percussionist who has played drum set for the jazz band for a couple of years and he has played bass drum, crash cymbals, and quads for the marching band over the past 5 years. He is one of the most talented percussionists we have and his consistency in his playing is why the high school jazz band has been so successful the past few years. He will be receiving the Patrick S Gilmore Band award for his outstanding contributions to the band program on May 21st at our band banquet.”

Aside from performing in the band Tanner was also part of the Raceland Robotics team. When asked about some of his best memories at Raceland Tanner said, “Winning the 2022-23 Kentucky Robotics Competition was one of the greatest highlights of my time in school.” He was quick to praise his Robotics teacher Kristina Brown for her help in the program.

“Mrs. Brown always inspired us to be innovative and dedicated when working in her class and working in robotics,” Tanner stated.

When not in school Tanner expresses his creativity in another unique form. “I help at the Greenup County farmers market and I help my dad make hand-crafted knives for his small business, Erwin Cross Knives.”

Tanner noted that it was his family that helped him be who he is today. “My parents have taught me to work hard and be humble.”

This fall Tanner will be attending Shawnee State University and will be majoring in Biology. May God bless you in your future endeavors.