Premier is the Place to Go

R.C. Burch

The Ashland Beacon

   Premier Physical & Occupational Therapy has been a part of the Tri-State for the last 30 years. The first location was opened by Mr. David Apts in the mid-1980s. Apts had several physical therapists in the clinic to run it and help the new business get on its feet, but none of them could do the job to Mr. Apts satisfaction. That was when he met a young physical therapist, and knew immediately that he was the man for the job.

   Apts contacted Todd Munson and offered him the position that many had taken before and failed. After much prayer and meditation, Munson accepted.

   “I am a firm believer in providence,” Munson stated. Shortly after Munson stepped onto the scene with the company, the patients and new office locations expanded. Recently, Premier Physical & Occupational Therapy has celebrated its ninth location.

   Munson made the decision to become a physical therapist after a sporting injury that occurred in his youth. He had visited multiple Physical Therapists and could not be properly diagnosed.

   “I realized that if I learned about the human body, then I could treat myself if I got hurt again,” Munson said.

   Munson recruited a local business man, Gary Mcgowan several years ago to manage the rapidly growing company and lighten the mental load of Munson and Apts.

   Premier Physical & Occupational Therapy has be voted No. 1 in the Tri-State by the people of Ashland through local media organizations. The clinic wishes to convey that they are all about people, not only the general well-being.

   To further help the people of the Tri-State, each location takes food donations for the food bank of the church that Munson opened in 2014. Mcgowan also assists Munson, taking on various roles in the church.

   The clinic promotes methods to increase the longevity of people and to have a better quality of life.

   Premier Physical & Occupational Therapy guarantees that patients are seen within 48 hours and keep their general physicians up to date on the patients recovery process.

   Each clinic offers free consultations and will prepare an individual wellness program versus a gym type physical wellness program. Premier also offers methods of fall prevention for senior citizens, and regular back screenings.

   They also offer a full information link on their website to educate patients on the human body and how to identify the pain that they are feeling. Other methods of treatment include dry needling, cupping, aquatics, cold laser and many more.

   For more information about what Premier Physical & Occupational therapy had to offer, call 606.329.0910 or visit their website at