The Beacon is Sneakin’ Again

Thursday Concert Will Benefit Needy Families

By Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon


Is that you Santa Claus? No, it’s the Sneakin’ Beacon.

As the Christmas holiday quickly approaches, and the time of giving is in full swing, The Greater Ashland Beacon will be out and about Thursday playing Santa.

The several years' tradition, Sneakin’ Beacon Christmas Santa, will take place Thursday with an evening mini concert at Clark’s Pump-N-Shop located on 29th Street. The mini concert is to benefit the Needy Families Funds by donations from attendees of the concert.

The Needy Families Fund collects money to help those in the community who find themselves in a difficult spot during the holiday season.

The funds are managed and distributed through CAReS, a community-based nonprofit agency in Ashland that identifies, coordinates and mobilizes resources for individuals and families in emergency/crisis situations.

The mini concert will feature artists who are paving the way to fame including Bronson Bush, Kelsie May and Tyler Booth, all who have performed at several local festivals within the tri-state.

Nashville recording artist and songwriter, Bush calls Raceland, Kentucky, his home. Taking the stage for the first time at the age of 4, Bush has spent most of his life performing for numerous venues including gospel, barbershop, classic rock and country. In addition to playing the guitar and drums, he has also mastered the trumpet and is playing some jazz now, according to

Known for her stint on the popular TV show The Voice, May has been working hard on new music and recently released a new track called Driving, along with a music video. May grew up in Louisa, Kentucky,

According to her website bio, May was discovered after auditioning for a country music competition, which led to her signing with PCG Nashville, an artist development company. She has since performed at the Renfroe Valley Entertainment Center in Kentucky and became a regular featured performer at the Highway 23 Museum in Paintsville.

Booth has also been making his rounds across the state and in Nashville. According to his website bio, born and raised in Wolfe County in the Southeastern region of Kentucky, Booth has been writing songs and honing his craft for years. But, it was his voice that caught the attention of one of Nashville's finest songwriters, Phil O'Donnell. O’ Donnell heard that smooth baritone with an immediately identifiable southern drawl and knew he had found a young man worthy of his time. Booth recently released his first EP. For the self-titled EP, Tyler and Phil chose six songs that showcase Tyler's unique voice but still allowed him to be who he is.

Along with the three country music artists, CAReS Executive Director Lynn Childers will speak about the services CAReS provides for families in Boyd County and how the Needy Families Fund helps so many families.

Before hosting the mini concert, where guests are asked to consider donating, the Sneakin’ Beacon Christmas Santa team will be out spreading Christmas cheer by delivering blankets and other goodies to nursing homes and other facilities.

The Sneakin’ Beacon Christmas Santa Mini Concert will start at 4 p.m. at Clarks Pump-N-Shop on 29th street. CAReS will be on hand to collect donations for the Needy Families Fund.