First Christian Church Says Goodbye

Ike Nicholson Leaving for Colorado Ministry

Lisa Patrick
The Ashland Beacon

Dr. Ike Nicholson has been the pastor of First Christian Church on Winchester Avenue for the past 14 years. On Sunday, the church honored him with a Celebration of Ministry to say goodbye to a great man of the Lord and a great community leader.
   As a testament to his service to the community, the celebration was attended by community leaders such as Police Chief Todd Kelley and Mayor Steve Gilmore, as well as pastors and priests from other churches and a great many members of the community who are not members of the First Christian Church.
   During the ceremony, Mayor Gilmore presented Nicholson with a key to the city. Gilmore told him that he wants to make sure that he knows that he can always come back home while joking that he would miss him because Nicholson is the only one in the city of Ashland that talks more than he does.
   Nicholson then made the entire audience tear up by making a short speech to his wife, Shauna. He thanked her for sharing him with the city as many of the things he did with the church and the city took away from his family. Nicholson said, “I wouldn’t be half the man I am without my wife and family.” Holding out the key to the city toward his wife, he tearfully said, “it’s yours too.”
   Dr. Nicholson and his family are going to Littleton, Colorado to a new ministry at South Suburban Christian Church, a suburb of Denver. Nicholson said that South Suburban reached out to him, and his family and talked about some of the things that they needed that they felt were his biggest strengths. He said that he and his wife prayed on the decision to make this move and decided that “what this church wanted and needed was gifted that we brought.” He said of First Christian and Ashland, “we love this church, we love the community, but we love the Lord the most” and that he and his wife felt that this move is what the Lord wanted him to do.
   The Nicholson’s did say that they will be back to visit because all of Lauren’s family is here in Ashland. Dr. Nicholson said that he would never forget the 14 years spent at First Christian in Ashland. He said that he met his wife there, they lost their first child there, and all three of their children, Isaac, Analiese and Eleanor, were born there, and the church helped him through the death of his father.
   Although neither of them has family in Colorado, many members of the church have family there, and at least 10 of them have told the couple that they are coming to visit them. Nicholson jokes that he consid-ers Ashland to be the “center of the universe” because no matter where he goes in the world, he always runs into someone from Ash-and or Boyd County, so he knows that he will always be connected to Ashland and to the church that he considers his home.