Pennington Makes it to Week Three

Worst Cooks in America Contestant Soars Through Second Week


Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon


   It was all about the eggs-ecution Sunday night as Grayson native Cameron Pennington survived a second week on “Worst Cooks in America.”

   On Sunday’s episode, Pennington had the chance to redeem himself after being almost eliminated from the first episode of the season, having prepared a dish that didn’t meet the standards of chef Tyler Florence.

   “I felt relieved that I wasn’t going home,” Pennington said.

   During this week’s egg-themed episode that aired Sunday at 9 p.m. on the Food Network Channel, Pennington, along with his other cast mates competed against each other in a game of egg roulette.

   “I was so egg-cited to play!” Pennington said. “I knew it would be a blast!”

   During the competition, Pennington lost to his competitor on the red team and had to smash an egg on his head.

   “I honestly just wanted to make sure that I looked good for Brittany (castmate.) So I tried not to mess up my hair!” Pennington said.

   Once the game was finished, Pennington prepared two egg dishes with the first challenge being a Japanese pancake with warm berry compote and the second challenge a traditional English breakfast.

   Once the first dish competition was finished, Pennington presented his version of the Japanese pancake with berry compote to chef Florence.

   “Feel good,” Florence said to Pennington during the judging. “The flavor is really good, but the pancake was a little runny.”

   With that constructive criticism, Pennington pulled out all the stops for his second challenge, wowing Florence with his traditional English breakfast.

   “I was so happy when chef Tyler told me my food was delicious! To have a world class chef tell me that! I was so happy!” Pennington said.

Florence enjoyed Pennington’s dish so much so that he was the first to be named safe from this week’s eliminations.

   “It felt amazing,” Pennington said. “I went from the bottom to the top; I was so thrilled!”

   While Pennington is safe for another week, he recollected the work and stress to prepare the best dish he possibly could.

   “It is stressful when they start the countdown you kind of freak out,” Pennington said. “The hardest part was making sure that my eggs were cooked perfectly.”

   With elimination behind him for this week, Pennington will appear again next week on Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America.”

   “Going into week three, I’m excited, and I am going to try my best to stay on top! Pennington said. “I’m so blessed to be here.”