READ ME A BEDTIME STORY Mel the Metamorph’s Mission to Earth



Jonathan Joy

The Ashland Beacon


   Mel is a Metamorph from the planet Mootaq, a long, far way away from Earth. 

   Mel’s job, as set forth by the Interplanetary Travel and Research Committee is to journey to distant planets and study their life forms. In short, Mel finds a life form and transforms into it as a way of studying the surrounding environment without arousing suspicion. (Mel’s usual alien form, while adorable, would stick out like a sore thumb, and jeopardize their work.)

   For Mel’s the Metamorph’s most recent mission, Mootaq bosses set a course for Earth, a faraway planet that has long piqued the interest of researchers universe-wide. 

   To blend seamlessly in with the Earth’s many millions of varied creatures, Mel metamorphosed first into a red tailed hawk, a large winged creature, super strong and super-fast. Red tailed hawks can fly up to 120 miles per hour. They have super sight, too. As a red tailed hawk, Mel could perfectly observe a mouse from 100 feet high in the air. Poor mouse. As a red tailed hawk, Mel was able to get a bird’s eye perspective on life in much of North America. 

   Next, in need of ground experience and a acdifferent continent to observe, Mel moved east to Africa and turned into a lion. Mel was drawn to the lion for its mass and sheer strength, and being the king of the jungle afforded a certain freedom in exploring the African continent. (Nobody wants to mess with lions now, do they?) Did you know that almost all wild lions are indigenous to Africa? Also, lions are the only cats to live in groups, so this allowed Mel to observe Earth kind by talking to the fellow members of this particular lion’s pride. A pride is a group of lions. 

   Thirdly, after observing North America from the air by way of hawk and ruling the vast lands of Africa as a lion, Mel moved on to China and lived for a few days as a Panda Bear. Mel was drawn to the Panda because it’s super cute and its distinctive markings, too, but pandas don’t move a lot. They spend most of their time eating or sleeping, and while Mel liked living that panda life (Who wouldn’t?), they didn’t cover as much ground or gather as much information as with their previous two transformations.    

   Mel didn’t stop there. Further Earth studies included time as a kangaroo in Australia, a Longhorn Beetle in South America, and a European Tree Frog in…guess where, Europe?

   A dozen more metamorphs in, Mel had more than enough info about this super cool planet, and really should have probably called it a successful trip and headed home, but Mel decided one more metamorph was in order. He wanted to see what it was like to be a human, if only for a day or two. It would be a decision Mel would come to regret greatly, as human beings are oft awkward and destructive beasts, but Mel’s peculiar metamorphosis into a human is, most definitely, a story for another time. 

   To be continued...