New Restaurant Coming to South Ashland


Myrna Hill

The Ashland Beacon

   When you hear the news of a new restaurant coming to town, the downtown area is likely the first place that people think of. However, South Ashland will be home to a new restaurant, the Tomcat Bourbon and Brewhouse. 

   The two friends and business partners, Scott Wamsley and Scott Ball, have taken on this new restaurant venture in addition to their security business and individual careers. They own BWH Security, which employs hundreds of security guards in the area for a variety of clients. The business is headquartered locally but has locations in Newport, Cleveland, Chicago, and other locations across the country. 

   Wamsley is also a public accountant and is a Morehead State University graduate. Ball is a former law enforcement officer and worked mainly as a narcotics officer.

   The duo decided to open Tomcat Bourbon and Brewhouse in the South Ashland area as a way to bring additional foot traffic to the area. The restaurant will be located inside the Magic Mirror building at 2018 29th Street. Construction has been ongoing for several weeks to restore the historic Ashland building.

   “That section of 29th Street is a bustling area with lots of car and foot traffic,” Wamsley said. “There are also several successful businesses in the area.”

   Wamsley and Ball said the restaurant will have a comfortable, hometown atmosphere. They want to honor the heritage and history of Ashland while also bringing something new to the area, specifically to South Ashland. There will also be a great selection of beer and bourbon, with unique menu items paired with bar classics. 

   “We picture this being a great neighborhood restaurant and bar where you can come to unwind, hang with old friends, meet new ones, and just relax.”

   The restaurant will feature a restored Chicago bar in addition to the original flooring and brick walls. An outdoor “beer garden” seating area can be expected as well.

   The news of a bar and restaurant opening in town has been well-received by the public. With an overwhelming vote to allow alcohol sales that were currently restricted will allow new opportunities for restaurants and bars in the area. 

   “We have received very positive feedback,” Ball said. “People are wanting a place to claim as their own they enjoy going to. We feel this part of Ashland is long overdue for something like this.”

   Ball and Wamsley also mentioned they own the building where Waldo’s Barber Shop is located. With the exterior of the building freshly renovated. The duo has been brainstorming other business ideas that will attract both locals and those from out of town to the South Ashland area. 

   “We are kicking around the idea of a coffee and donut shop with breakfast and lunch items, or maybe a sandwich shop,” Wamsley said.

   Wamsley and Ball are anticipating an opening in summer of 2021. Although no date has been set, they are looking forward to the opening of their new business and giving residents a new option for dining and enjoying an evening out of the house.