Mouth-Watering Desserts Available From Becca’s Baked Goods


Jarrod E. Stephens

The Ashland Beacon

   In recent months we’ve heard a lot about how the pandemic and the quarantines have in some cases sparked ingenuity and even opportunity. Countless hours spent at home reading, searching the web, and even pursuing passions that we never would have before had time to pursue has been somewhat of a blessing. Such is the case for local lady, Rebecca Smith, who decided to offer her culinary talents to the public in the sweetest of ways. 

   Rebecca, or Becca as she is called by her family, is a first grade teacher at Rose Hill Christian Schools and when she is not busy cooking up lesson plans for her children, she spends her time cooking and baking at home. Her passion is not one that was recently discovered, but instead has been something that was fostered over time as she helped her mom and her grandmas in the kitchen. “Both of my parents enjoy cooking and baking. My mom always let me help in the kitchen starting when I was really young,” Smith stated when asked how her talents were sharpened. 

   Becca comes from a large family where gatherings and church dinners are common. When the pandemic struck and the number of family and church functions began to decline, Becca kept the oven hot and continued to deliver baked goods to her family. Of course, Valentine’s Day orders kept her quite busy with red velvet and heart-shaped treats, but she has now turned her attention to more personalized orders. 

   “For Valentine’s Day, I offered a special Valentine’s box. The box contained six Red Velvet cookies dipped in white chocolate, three chocolate covered strawberries, and three chocolate truffles. One specialty that will be offered year around, is a cookie box that contains one dozen sugar cookies, icing, and sprinkles. The cookies can be taken home and decorated with your family. As spring rolls around and Easter gets closer, I will be working on other specials,” Smith said.

   When asked why she decided to begin offering her treats to the public she said, “I think my first thoughts about offering baked goods may have been when my Aunt Missy had a bakery when I was little. I remember how neat and fun I thought it was. However, I never really thought that seriously about it until my family encouraged me to try to offer it to the public. Every Sunday after church, our family has lunch at my grandparents’ home. I usually try to make a dessert for that meal. The family seems to enjoy the items I make, and they encouraged me to try to sell my creations.”

   Some of her first creations continue to be her favorite items to make. “I like to make all varieties of desserts, but I would say my specialty is cookies. I like to try different recipes for cookies, both modern recipes and vintage ones. I like making chocolate chip cookies the best.”

   As it is with any small venture, Becca is not sure what the future holds for her endeavors, but it is certain that if Becca’s Baked Goods’ future is as sweet as her work then watch out Betty Crocker. “This summer, I will be selling at local Farmers Markets. As for the long term, I would eventually like to try opening a small local bakery.”

   For more information about Becca’s Baked Goods you can contact Rebecca Smith directly at 606.585.1124 or visit her website: or Facebook page: