Jonathan Joy’s Read Me A Bedtime Story column is celebrating its five year anniversary this week.  Since debuting on the pages of the Ashland Beacon in March 2016, the Joy family has shared 118 stories for kids with Beacon readers.  


Jonathan Joy

The Ashland Beacon


Our neighborhood is overrun with cats

And some aren’t sure what to make of that

For these are not just any kitties

Not strays looking for your pity.

These cats have superpowers, indeed

Helping out all that may be in need.

You probably think I’m out of my mind

But they are quite convincing, you will find.

I know from keeping a watchful view

Exactly what these felines can do.  

There’s Mr. Kitty, an old gray tabby

Who, at will, makes the strongest turn quite flabby.

And there’s Henry, a Siamese, bright yellow

He’s a super duper, very fast fellow.

One is named Stretch, and you can probably guess

That her body can extent anywhere, more or less.

Mo is the leader of this rowdy pack, 

No villain exists that she can’t crack.

Her little one Fluffy is really quite fierce

And can fly high until the clouds in the sky she does pierce.

Finally, Prissy might seem, at first, quite proper

But I saw her battle a raccoon and, wow, did she drop her.

I call them the Super Kitty Six

And I follow them closely just for kicks.

How they became super beings I cannot imagine.

Who knows how these mystical things happen?

Our neighborhood is overrun with cats

And some aren’t sure what to make of that.

For me, I’ll admit it feels kind of neat 

To have superhero cats on my street. 

They’ll make sure we’re safe, keep the bad at bay

So all can safely go outside and play.

To the Super Kitty Six, a big thank you

From all of us to every one of your crew.

Be careful out there, the world can be rough.

You six will be fine, as I know you’re quite tough. 

That is the end of this superhero cat story

Until next time when The Six, in all of their glory

Do confront a foe old as time.

An army of rats slowly reaching their prime. 

Fear not for The Super Kitty Six

They have an extensive bag of tricks.