Spring Craft Fair March 27 - More Than 90 Vendors Will Gather to Benefit Adison Fitzgerald


Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon

   When Jamie Fitzgerald lost his life in a tragic accident in Ohio several months ago, the entire community rallied around his family. Kim Green, of Kim’s Kreations Boutique, hopes to see some of that same support at her Spring Craft Fair on March 27 at the El Hasa Shrine Temple on U.S. 60. All proceeds from the show will go to support Jamie’s daughter, Adison (Adi) Fitzgerald.

   Kim has held several craft fairs in the past that she has used as fundraisers for different people and places. But she said that this one “kind of touched home.” She said that she discussed with her husband where the money could best be used and decided that “if something ever happened to me, [I] would want [my] children taken care of first.” So she decided that what she wanted to do was to get money that would go specifically to Adi Fitzgerald.

   The craft show will have more than 90 vendors spread throughout the building according to COVID restrictions. Each booth will be at least six feet apart. All vendors and patrons are required to wear masks per health department regulations and there will be hand sanitizer stations in convenient places throughout the entire facility.

   Just as in all of Kim’s fundraising craft shows, each vendor has donated an item to be raffled. Every dollar from the raffle tickets sold will go straight to Adi Fitzgerald because there are no out-of-pocket costs for the raffled items. With the craft fair being held one week before Easter, some of the raffle items are very special. Alisa Thompson and Sarah Hall, both friends of Jamie Fitzgerald’s, have worked hard to put together 20 Easter baskets that are full of the popular Rae Dunn items. There is more than $1,000 worth of merchandise in those 20 baskets. The raffle tickets for those baskets and other large items will be sold at $10 each. Regular raffle tickets will be sold at $2 per ticket.

   The first 40 customers in the door will receive a free tote bag to carry their purchases. Vendors will feature a great deal of Easter merchandise due to the time of year but there will also be an abundance of spring and summer items available to purchase as well. The Easter Bunny will be wandering in and out of the event all day to visit with any children who come to shop with their families.

   The Sassy Sisters will be selling donuts and coffee in the morning. At lunchtime, they will offer barbecue sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas, nachos, and chips for sale.

   The vendors themselves will be offering a variety of goods for purchase. There will be home décor, wreaths, boutique items, makeup and personal care items, children’s books, quilts, handmade jewelry, and also commercial jewelry such as Paparazzi available for purchase. There will also be a number of vendors selling baked goods and others selling handmade signs and other original works of art.

   This craft show has not been without its problems. Kim has had to fend off scam artists who are claiming to be working with her on the event and collecting money for vendor booths that don’t exist or taking up donations that they claim will be given to Adi Fitzgerald. Kim wants to stress that the vendor event is at capacity and so far she has had no cancellations. Also, she is the only one accepting bookings in case of cancellation for the craft fair through her Facebook page, Kim’s Kreations Rush. People can also reach out through the Facebook page to purchase advance raffle tickets for the Rae Dunn Easter baskets.