Jonathan Joy

The Ashland Beacon

From my attic ‘twas rescued some old wrestling toys

That were handed down to one eager, excited boy.

But the other playthings in his room were taken aback.

They were scared these muscle-bound figures might try to attack.  

So He Man and Skeletor each formed a team

With Paw Patrol, Mario, a Megazord and Superman.

Now this may all seem a bit extreme,

But they had to come up with some sort of plan 

Or else all these toys might soon meet their ends.

After all, the wrestlers did not look like friends. 

Stuffed animals peered carefully from out of the toy chest

While Ninja Turtles were nearby in bed, pretending to rest.

An orange Gobot approached the Junk Yard Dog

Tito Santana was face to face with a plastic frog.

Who will win a battle ‘twixt The Killer Bees

And all of those multicolored My Little Ponies?

“It is all about to get very real!”

Shouted She-Ra and George The Animal Steele.

Things were tense at first. Would there be a scene?

 Heaven’s no, these toys are not at all mean.

 Most conflicts they had were with one another.

 Everything else the wrestlers treated as a brother.

Turns out Jake the Snake Roberts gets along just fine

With those Jurassic World dinos and Optimus Prime. 

And all could agree it was quite the love-in

When they were gathered around the Easy Bake Oven. 

 Now the toys play together in Levi’s room 

 Until dad comes in to clean up with a broom.

 Then the toys run and scatter and hide

They jump on shelves, in drawers, safe at bedside

To avoid the round up, getting put in a box

Hid away in an attic, behind lots of locks.

Try as they might, and try as they must

None want to be stored, and covered in dust.

Not Pac Man or MASK or Muscle figures, no,

Not the Treasure X, no, 

And not G.I. Joe.

 They’d rather be out, on a shelf for show.

 Hot Wheels and Minecraft minis ready to play

 And some old rugged wrestlers, hopefully there to stay.