Greenup Schools Host Special Olympics

Staff report

Children waved at their family and friends as they made a loop around the arena after their school name was called out during the third annual Greenup County Special Olympics.
Students from each school in the district with special needs gathered to compete in the games and have a day of fun.
“Watching these kiddos out there having fun is my favorite day of the year.” Co-organizer, and FMD teacher at Greysbranch Elementary, Stacy Black said.

Throughout the daylong event, students competed in several competitions including wheelchair races, long run races, short-run races, tug-of-war and beach ball tosses, and many other events.
“When I was running, I was in hyper speed! I am so fast!” Fourth-grader Riley Lewis said.
As students raced around the mats and competed in different events, friends and family could be heard cheering for the children.
“It’s amazing to see the smiles and accomplishments on the children’s faces who participated in the Special Olympics, grandmother, Tammie Virgin said. “I’m so thankful for all the teachers and staff who made this day possible!”
This year will make it the third year for the Special Olympics themed games after a several year hiatus. Special education teachers met throughout the year to plan the event hoping to make it a day all about the students.
“It was so fun! I even got a medal with four stars because I did so good,” Lewis said.
Not only did students get the chance to participate in Olympic style games, but also had the chance to try out other activities including Karaoke, watch movies and participate in water activities.
“The children had a great time and I’m pretty sure the parents and families here had just as much fun,” Black said.
Once the day had come to an end for the students, everyone gathered around on the mats and waited for the awards ceremony. One by one students’ names were called to receive a medal in the competition and place they won.
“I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of these children’s lives and to be able to share with them one of the best days of their lives,” Co-Organizer Jill Cook said.